Test on Latest Safari Desktop and Mobile Browsers For Cross Browser Compatibility. Test on real machines running real Safari browsers.

Online Interactive Browser Testing On Real Safari Browsers

Ensure that your web app or website is cross browser compatible with all the versions of Safari browsers. You can perform real time live interactive cross browser testing of your website or web app on all oldest and latest versions of Safari ranging from Safari 12 to Safari 5.1. Ditch your Safari simulators for real Safari browsers on cloud !!


Real Time Testing on Safari browser

Safari Browser Selenium Grid Online

Drastically reduce your build times and speed up your goto market. Run your Selenium automated tests in parallel on our on-demand scalable Selenium infrastructure of Mac OS and Safari browsers, and cut down on your build times multiple folds. Run tons of automated cross browser compatibility tests at once in parallel to speed up your testing time on our Selenium grid. Develop, test and deliver faster every time with Selenium automation testing.


Online access to Selenium grid of 2000 desktop browsers

Online Automated Cross Browser Testing on Safari

Run Selenium automation tests on a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud based Selenium grid running real Safari Browsers and Real Mac Operating systems. Perform automated cross browser testing across latest and old Safari browsers and browser versions. in addition, with LambdaTest online Safari Selenium Grid, you can analyze and debug your test runs with multiple types of test logs including network logs, command logs, exception logs, visual logs, and raw Selenium logs. . Now you won't have to build, maintain, and scale up expensive Mac infrastructure for running selenium test scripts.


Online Browser Compatibility Testing

Real Time Testing on Mobile Safari Browsers

iPhones and iPads come with Safari as the default browser so ensure that your website or web application is cross browser compatible with all the Apple mobiles and tablets. Perform cross browser testing across all iPhones and iPads ranging from latest to oldest devices and operating systems of iPhones and iPads on Safari browsers. We support iPhone XR to iPhone 4s and iOS 12.0 to iOS 8.1 for Safari.


Real Time Testing on Safari browser

Test on Real Mac Machines and Real Safari Browser

Quickly identify cross browser compatibility bugs for safari browser on multiple Mac OS machines in a single click. No need to invest in buggy or non scalable Safari emulators. Test on real Mac OS Mojave, Mac High Sierra, Mac Sierra, Mac El Capitan, Mac Yosemite, machines running real browsers. Online cross browser testing tool to help you make sure that your layout is perfect across latest and old Mac Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Real Time Testing on Edge browser

Test Safari on Windows

With LambdaTest, you can test your website for cross browser compatibility on real safari browsers that are running on real cloud connected Mac OS machines. Now you can perform cross browser testing on Safari browsers in Windows or Linux machines, without investing in new Mac hardware. In addition you get access to native Safari dev tools for debugging. You can finally ditch your Safari emulators.


test safari on windows

Mark as a Bug

While performing cross browser testing on all Safari browser versions with LambdaTest, you can also mark your bug directly from LambdaTest to any bug management tool like: JIRA, Asana, Trello or move it to Github, Gitlab or also communicate over Slack.


Share your bugs into test management tools while testing on Safari browser

Test Your Locally Hosted Applications on Safari

You can also access safari browser online simulator to test your locally hosted web applications for cross browser compatibility on various Safari versions. By connecting LambdaTunnel you can make sure that your web app will perform seamlessly on all Safari versions across all devices and OSes after getting live. You can also run Selenium automation tests of your locally hosted or privately hosted pages with Lambda Tunnel.


test your locally hosted web apps on Safari browser with LambdaTest


24*7 Support From Our Tech Experts

If you face any problem while performing brower compatibility testing or Selenium testing of your website or web application on LambdaTest, we have you covered. Our tech experts are available on our support 24*7. You can get in touch with us by filling up the contact form, messaging in-app, or through call. You can also write to us at and we'll get back to you in no time.


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