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Benefits of Localization Testing


Enhanced User Experience

Ensures app or website is culturally and linguistically appropriate for target audience, improving user satisfaction and engagement.


Increased Market Reach

Helps in effectively entering and competing in global markets by making the product accessible to non-native speakers.


Regulatory Compliance

Ensures the product meets local laws and regulations, avoiding legal issues and potential fines.


Build Brand Reputation

Demonstrates commitment to catering to diverse audiences, enhancing brand image and loyalty.


Cost Saving

Identifies and resolves localization issues pre-release, reducing need for language-related customer support.


Reduced Time-to-Market

Streamlines the process of launching in new markets by addressing localization issues early, leading to faster and smoother rollouts.

Test Geo Locations Across 50+ Countries

Localization testing aims to deliver a highly personalized and customized user experience. LambdaTest empowers you to excel in this area by facilitating testing in numerous cities worldwide, including USA, Canada, France, Spain, Australia, India, and Japan.
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Drive growth through precise scalability

Drive Growth through Precise Scalability

Test your websites for cross-browser compatibility and your mobile applications for device compatibility. Ensure optimal experiences for users across various locations by testing content, user interface, functionality, and usability.
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Test for Location Based Compliances

LambdaTest helps you test if your website or mobile app is following the local compliances in accordance with any internal or external restrictions. Make sure nothing slips through the testing process, ensuring full compliance coverage.
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Test for Location Based Compliances
Master Location Precision with Geo-Fencing

Master Location Precision with Geo-Fencing

Easily set up virtual boundaries and test your apps accurately for users everywhere. LambdaTest ensures flawless performance across various locations, effortlessly confirming the success of your geo-fencing tactics for a top-notch global user experience.
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Features To Accelerate Localization Testing

It's not just about infrastructure, you get a whole range of complimentary features that will make your online localization testing experience smoother, and helps you ship products faster.

Plugins & Extensions

Custom Analytics

The QA team can now build custom views with various widgets and get insights for the stakeholders by creating dashboards.

automation testing tool guide


Step-by-step documentation for various test automation frameworks to help you run your first Selenium script.

Test Locally hosted pages and apps

Local Host Testing

Local hosted web testing and app testing to help you test in dev/real environments and save your website or app from after deployment bugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is localization testing?
Localization testing is a software testing technique that focuses on testing the website based on geographically local parameters, Eg., language support, cultural appropriation, local regulations etc. It helps to deliver customized experience for the website, web app and mobile app for the targeted location.
How to perform localization test for my website and mobile app?
You can use LambdaTest to perform Localization Testing. LambdaTest supports localization testing for both real time and automation testing suite. You can perform localization testing across 50+ countries using LambdaTest. It is as simple as selecting a locality on a map and start testing.
How to do localization testing manually?
To perform manual localization testing, first, identify target regions and their language, currency, and cultural preferences. Then, manually navigate through the application, verifying language translations, currency formats, date/time displays, and cultural appropriateness. Test functionalities like forms, buttons, and links to ensure they align with the target audience's expectations. Finally, validate location-based features like geo-fencing to ensure accurate functionality across regions.
What is globalization and localization testing?
Globalization testing ensures that software can function across different cultures and regions. It focuses on language support, date and time formats, and currency. Localization testing adapts the software to a specific locale or target market. It verifies language translations, cultural appropriateness, and legal requirements, ensuring the software meets the needs of the local users.
How do you automate localization testing?
Localization testing can be automated using Selenium WebDriver. It's a form of non-functional testing where the localized version of a product is validated against specific cultural or locale settings.
Is localization testing functional or non functional?
Localization testing is primarily a form of non-functional testing. While it does involve checking the functionality of localized features like language, date, time formats, etc., its main focus is on ensuring that the software behaves correctly in a specific locale or culture, which falls under the non-functional aspect of software quality related to usability and user experience.
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