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Cross Browser Testing Of Local web Pages

Lambda Tunnel
Localhost testing

Lambda Tunnel feature allows you to test your private server URLs or locally hosted webapps or websites through LambdaTest cloud servers for browser compatibility before pushing them to live environment. Through our secure shell tunneling feature, you can also test plain HTML, CSS, PHP, Python or other similar web files saved on your local system, on combinations of operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions that are available on LambdaTest.

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Perform Localhost Tests on
Desktop Devices

Performing browser compatibility testing before pushing it on public servers is possible with Lambda Tunnel. By connecting through LambdaTest Secure Shell Tunnel, you can perform cross browser testing of your localhost pages across different combinations of Windows and Mac machines running on real machines. You can test across latest to oldest versions of browsers and operating systems. You can also perform localhost tests across different screen resolutions.

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Perform Localhost Tests on
Mobile Devices

You can perform cross browser testing of localhost webpages or web apps on cloud by establishing a secure shell tunnel with LambdaTest. On LambdaTest platform, you'll find various android and iOS devices to perform localhost tests. You can also perform cross browser testing of your localhost pages by accessing local files and folders on LambdaTest cloud servers.

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Faster Localhost
Automated Screenshot Testing

If you want to test your website or localhost page for visual deviations across various combinations at a time, you can very easily do so by LambdaTest Automated Screenshots feature. By connecting Lambda Tunnel and taking screenshot, you can test your localhost page across 2000+ different combinations of browsers and devices without testing each one of them manually.

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Debug Your Localhost Tests
in Real Time

With our in-built developer tools, you can debug while performing localhost tests in real time. You can use our developer tools on all Real Time Windows and Mac machines. Our machines come with pre-installed developer tools to help you find and fix issues before moving them to the public servers. You can also debug your localhost tests on our Android and iOS devices.

Developer Tools

Real Time Testing on Internet Explorer IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11
Automated Screenshot

Perform Localhost Tests for

You can also perform localhost tests to check resposiveness of your website by connecting to LambdaTest Secure Shell Tunnel. Check how your local page responds to various screen sizes, find out its break points and fix the issues faster before moving them to production.

Online Responsive Testing

Real Time Testing on Edge browser
Geolocation Testing Through VPN

Geolocation Testing Through VPN on LambdaTest

With Lambda Tunnel, you can also perform geo location testing of your website or web application by connecting through our secure shell tunnel. You can test for various locale dependent features for their look and feel from different countries across the globe.

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Localhost Test for
Resolution Display Testing

You can also test perform localhost tests of your website or web application for how it looks across different screen resolutions. With our Real Time cross browser testing feature, you can either select a configuration before launching a session or also switch resolutions in between localhost tests.

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