XCUITest Automation Test on Real Device Cloud

Test your native and hybrid iOS apps on online using XCUITest Real Device Cloud.

Smart TV Test Automation

XCUITest Real Device Cloud Automation

Run automation scripts on real iPhones and iPads using XCUITest on LambdaTest for efficient app testing and debugging.
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XCUITest Automation Testing
Parallel Testing on XCUITest

Parallel Testing on XCUITest

Accelerate your release cycles with Parallel Testing on XCUITest Real Device. Upload multiple apps and run numerous tests in parallel for faster results.
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Write Test Cases with Swift and Objective-C

Test your native iOS apps using Swift or Objective-C with XCUITest on Real Devices to ensure 100% compatibility across Apple handheld devices like iPhones and iPads.
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Test iOS apps with Swift and Objective-C

Features of LambdaTest XCUITest Automation Platform

Test early, debug accurately, and release faster with LambdaTest

AI powered Test Intelligent and Analytics

AI powered Test Intelligent and Analytics

Identify critical issues by unifying all test execution data with Test Analytics & AI-driven test intelligence insights.

Camera Image Injection & QR Code Scanning

Camera Image Injection & QR Code Scanning

Test camera functionalities; including image capture and QR/barcode scanning, ensuring accurate processing.

Test Gestures and Interactions

Test Gestures and Interactions

Automate testing of mobile device gestures and touch interactions easily. Tap, swipe, zoom, scroll, or long press.

Biometrics Authentication Support

Biometrics Authentication Support

Validate biometric authentication such as fingerprint and facial recognition to ensure secure user verification.

Enterprise-Ready LambdaTest Tunnel

Enterprise-Ready LambdaTest Tunnel

Test your locally hosted or privately hosted iOS apps through our enterprise-ready LambdaTest tunnel feature.

Out-of-the-box Geo-location Testing

Out-of-the-box Geo-location Testing

Built-in IP and GPS based geolocation testing feature that enables you to test on 120 + country locations and regions.


HyperExecute - Our Fastest Test Execution Platform

A next-generation test execution platform for agile QA teams. Run iOS app testing on XCUITest with HyperExecute for up to 70% faster results. Automate tests across diverse iOS mobile devices for parallel script execution.











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More Reasons to Love LambdaTest

Utilize XCUITest on Real Devices with LambdaTest to ensure a perfect user experience, leveraging additional features for reliable UI testing.

Upload APIs

Upload APIs

APIs to upload app builds that will make subsequent test executions even faster.

Bypass Test Flakiness

Bypass Test Flakiness

Highly reliable & accurate infrastructure help you bypass flakiness.

Manage data

Manage Your Data

End-to-end APIs allow you to extract all the test execution sessions data and logs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is XCTest and XCUITest?
XCTest is tailored for assessing the app's internal logic and functions, ideal for unit testing, while XCUITest specializes in automating user interactions with the app's user interface, ensuring the user experience is smooth and intuitive.
What is Apple XCTest testing?
Apple XCTest testing involves using the XCTest framework to conduct automated tests on Apple platforms, ensuring functionality and performance through unit, performance, and UI tests.
How to use XCUITest?
To use XCUITest Real Device Cloud with LambdaTest, write UI tests in Swift or Objective-C and configure them to run on LambdaTest’s cloud. This setup allows you to automate and validate user interactions across various real devices and operating systems, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliability of your app’s UI.
How to set up XCUITest?
Set up XCUITest by adding a new UI testing bundle in Xcode, associating it with your app, and writing tests using the XCUITest API to simulate user interactions.
What is the XCUITest Appium Driver?
The XCUITest Appium Driver is a tool that helps test apps on iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. It can test different types of apps, like those made specifically for Apple devices or those that work on the web. It works on both VMs (emulators) and real devices. This tool is part of the larger Appium testing tool.
What is the difference between Xcode and XCUITest?
Xcode is Apple's IDE for software development, while XCUITest is a framework within Xcode for automating UI tests on Apple platforms.
What is the Android equivalent of XCUITest?
Espresso is the Android equivalent of XCUITest, offering a framework for writing concise UI tests for Android apps.
What is the difference between XCTest and Appium?
XCTest is designed for Apple platform testing, tightly integrated with Xcode. Appium supports cross-platform testing, using WebDriver protocols to automate UI interactions.
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