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How 'Digital Transformation' is catalyzing changes in 'Automation Testing'

WebinarUPCOMING WEBINARShift-Left Testing and Continuous Feedback to Deliver Quality at Agile Speed

Join us with our special guest Patrick Walsh who will share his experience on how to kick start shift left testing, scenario he encountered in the real world and the amazing results you can expect after successful adoption.NOVEMBER 17, 2021 10AM PST
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Past Webinars

Digital Transformation
How 'Digital Transformation' Is Catalyzing Changes In 'Automation Testing'

Learn how digital transformation catalyzes changes in automation testing, where Dileep Marway explains why the QA community of practices (CoP) is at the heart of a successful QA organization.

Harshit PDileep M

Featured SpeakersHARSHIT | DILEEP M

24 AUGUST 202160 min
Jenkins Best Practices
Scalable and Reliable Cross Browser Testing With Cypress Framework

In this webinar, you will learn how to master the Cypress workflow and learn tips and tricks to successfully innovate Cypress for your automated testing needs.

Harshit PNarayanan P

Featured SpeakersHARSHIT | NARAYANAN P

20 JULY 202160 min
Jenkins Best Practices
Understanding SpecFlow Framework and Running Tests on Cloud Selenium Grid

In this webinar, you will learn SpecFlow and understand how BDD can be leveraged by integrating SpecFlow Selenium C# files with end-to-end automation testing with Selenium.


Featured SpeakersHARSHIT P | ANDREAS W

17 JUNE 202160 min
Jenkins Best Practices
Fundamentals of Locators & XPath in Selenium

This LambdaTest webinar will dive into the fundamentals of XPath & Locators in Selenium and how SelectorsHub, a browser extension to write Xpath and Selectors, solves the various challenges testers face during test automation.


Featured SpeakersHARSHIT P | Sanjay K

11 MAY 202160 min
Jenkins Best Practices
Increasing Product Release Velocity by Debugging and Testing in Production

Learn how can you speed up the product release process with the help of testing in production and production debugging. View the Recording now!

Harshit PIdan S

Featured SpeakersHARSHIT P | IDAN S

13 April 202160 min
Mobile First Approach and Testing - Push The Boundaries
Mobile First Approach and Testing - Push The Boundaries

In this webinar, we will discuss why the mobile-first approach is the only way going forward and how LambdaTest and Applitools are addressing this evolving need to support their mobile-first testing needs.


Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | ANAND

16 March 202160 min
How Dunelm, a $1B Retail Giant, Does Digital Transformation and Testing
How Dunelm, a $1B Retail Giant, Does Digital Transformation and Testing

This webinar will look into the challenges Dunelm's team faced as part of their digital transformation and how LambdaTest has helped them in their software testing process to cut down its test execution time.


Featured SpeakersHARSHIT P | STUART D

16 March 202160 min
Jenkins Best Practices
How to Get True Cross Browser Test Coverage with TestCafe and LambdaTest

This webinar will dive into TestCafe, an open-source platform designed to automate web testing, and how it can be integrated with LambdaTest to produce better browser test coverage.

Mudit SPaul U

Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | PAUL U

2nd Dec 202060 min
Test Automation Challenge
How To Overcome Test Automation Challenges with Codeless Automation?

This webinar will look into the challenges revolving around test automation and how codeless automation can help change the game for agile teams.

Harshit PSUNE E

Featured SpeakersHARSHIT P | SUNE E

13 Oct 202060 min
Answering your question
Answering Your Most Important Questions About Test Automation

In this webinar, Corina has answered some of the frequent questions she received about test automation

Mudit SCorina P

Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | Corina P

2nd SEP 202060 min
Cross Browser Test Management
Cross Browser Test Management Using LambdaTest & PractiTest

Is software test management an issue for you while performing cross browser testing? In this webinar our experts shared their knowledge on how PractiTest & LambdaTest can help you manage & perform software testing in an efficient manner.

Mudit SAnthony L

Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | Anthony L

4th AUG 202060 min
Effortless Testing
Running effortless Continuous Testing Pipelines with CircleCI and LambdaTest

Circle CI has become the most obvious choice for anyone wanting to perform continuous integration. During this webinar you will learn how by leveraging Circle CI with LambdaTest you can perform continuous testing to boost your go-to-market launch.

Mudit SVinny T

Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | VINNY T

9 JULY 202060 min
Guidance for COVID 19
Guidance On Preparing Workplaces For COVID 19

Catch the experts Chandni Chopra & Junaid Ahmed live, as they talk live on this issue share their perspective on how both employees and organizations should prepare themselves for the new normal.

Junaid AChandni C

Featured SpeakersJunaid A | Chandni C

18 JUNE 202060 min
End to End mobile Testing
End To End Mobile Testing With HeadSpin & LambdaTest (Remotely)

Today mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives, everyday usersare installing millions of mobile applications so it becomes imperative to make sure your application works well or else user will not hesitate to uninstall it in fraction of seconds.


Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | Jeena J

25 Mar 202060 min
A Robust CI/CD Pipeline
Ensure A Robust CI/CD Pipeline With GitLab CI & LambdaTest

Learn how you can use GitLab CI & LambdaTest to ensure a robust CI/CD pipeline for smooth build deployment and ensure your web application is bug free.


Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | MAYANK B

20 FEB 202060 min
Codeless Automation Testing
Codeless Automation Testing with Katalon & LambdaTest

Learn how Katalon & LambdaTest can help you perform codeless cross browser testing on multiple environments.


Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | DUNG N

16 JAN 202060 min
Cross Browser Testing With Selenified & LambdaTest
Cross Browser Testing With Selenified & LambdaTest

Learn how LambdaTest & Selenified can help you perform cross browser testing in parallel on more than 2000 real browsers.


Featured SpeakersMUDIT S | JEFFERY P

21 NOV 201960 min
Web UI Testing with Python and LambdaTest
Web UI Testing with Python and LambdaTest

Learn benefits of Web UI testing and how you can perform it using Python & LambdaTest. Also we'll cover Introduction to Web UI Testing, Running a first Web UI test, and Automating Browser Interactions.


Featured SpeakersJAY S | ANDREW K

29 OCT 201960 min
Leveraging LambdaTest & CloudBeat for Faster Product Delivery
Leveraging LambdaTest & CloudBeat for Faster Product Delivery

LambdaTest and CloudBeat helps you perform end to end testing of your website and web applications while expanding your browser and devices test coverage, so you ensure a seamless user experience for all your website visitors.


Featured SpeakersJAY S | NACHUM D

07 OCT 201960 min

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