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Upcoming Webinar: Cross Browser Testing With Selenified & LambdaTest

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LambdaTest Webinar

Learn more on how you can leverage LambdaTest for your manual and automation testing needs

Webinar - Web UI Testing with Python and LambdaTest


Cross Browser Testing With Selenified & LambdaTest

Learn how Selenified & LambdaTest can help you perform cross browser testing in parallel on more than 2000 real browsers.

21 NOV 2019 | 10 AM PST

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Past Webinars

Web UI Testing with Python
and LambdaTest

Learn benefits of Web UI testing and how you can perform it using Python & LambdaTest. Also we'll cover Introduction to Web UI Testing, Running a first Web UI test, and Automating Browser Interactions.

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Featured Speakers JAY S | ANDREW K

29 OCT 2019 60 min
Leveraging LambdaTest & CloudBeat for Faster Product Delivery

LambdaTest and CloudBeat helps you perform end to end testing of your website and web applications while expanding your browser and devices test coverage, so you ensure a seamless user experience for all your website visitors.

JAY Nachum

Featured Speakers JAY S | NACHUM D

07 OCT 2019 60 min

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