Run Automated Playwright Tests Online

Execute your Playwright online test scripts in parallel across 3000+ browser and real device combinations using the LambdaTest cloud, delivering consistent & reliable results.

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Run Automated Playwright Tests Online

Playwright Tests On Automation Cloud

Ensure end-to-end functionality, performance, and compatibility across all browsers and real devices on LambdaTest cloud for an enhanced user experience.

Check Supports Chromium, WebKit, Edge and Firefox

Check Parallel testing across Windows, Linux, and macOS

CheckAutomated Playwright mobile testing on 160+ Android Real Devices

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Playwright Tests On Automation Cloud

Features of LambdaTest Playwright Cloud

Automation Frameworks and Languages

Support all Automation Frameworks and Languages

LambdaTest supports Selenium, Appium, and Cypress frameworks, with Java, Python, JavaScript, and more languages, offering versatile testing capabilities.

Test Analytics

Test Analytics and Reporting of Test Runs

Effortlessly integrate data sources, craft insightful dashboards, and pinpoint quality issues with detailed Test Analytics & Observability Suite.

120+ Integration

120+ Integration with LambdaTest

Easily integrate 120+ frameworks, codeless automation, project management tools, CI/CD plugins into LambdaTest with quick setup and thorough documentation.

local testing

Enterprise-ready Tunnel for local testing

Test locally hosted or privately hosted web apps and web pages securely and encrypted with LambdaTest tunnel, designed for enterprise-ready testing.

Geolocation Testing

Out-of-the-box IP/Geolocation Testing

LambdaTest comes with an out-of-the-box built-in IP and GPS based geolocation testing feature that enables you to test on 120 + country locations and regions.

24x7 support

Reliable assistance, backed by 24x7 support

Got questions? Reach our 24/7 in-app chat or email for swift assistance, ensuring prompt resolution and support.


HyperExecute - Our Fastest Test Execution Platform

A next-generation test execution platform for agile QA teams. Test execution on cloud that matches local test execution speeds, and costs as much as a flexible spot instance cloud.











Packed with Next-Gen AI Features!

Auto Healing

Auto Healing

Strengthen your test suite by addressing unexpected errors, reducing inconsistencies, and improving reliability.

Flaky Test

Flaky Test

Identifies and deal with the inconsistent or flaky tests present within a particular build or test suite.

Auto Muting

Auto Muting

Disable test cases temporarily to skip irrelevant or failing tests enhancing test run efficiency.

Smart Wait

Smart Wait

Employ the SmartWait Algorithm for actionable insights, ensuring accurate execution while reducing errors.

Perform Visual Testing With Playwright

Perform Visual Testing With Playwright

Experience AI-powered Smart Visual UI Testing across 3000+ desktop and mobile environments with Selenium and Cypress for multiple programming languages such as Java, NodeJS, C#, Python, and StoryBook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Playwright Testing?
Playwright is a Node.Js library that automates browsers using the same API for all three (Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit). As a result, Playwright enables cross-browser automation that is evergreen, capable, reliable, and fast. Playwright can also access the REST API of your application to help you perform API testing.
Is Selenium better than Playwright?
It depends on your project. Playwright is a NodeJS-based Web application testing framework with headless architecture. Playwright is preferred for efficient headless testing of web applications or websites. Selenium is a web-UI testing library used for testing web applications by automating browser interactions. Selenium offers you a wider test coverage as it supports every major browser, also Selenium is compatible across major programming languages and is not just restricted to JavaScript, like Playwright.
How can I speed up my Playwright test?
You can leverage the LambdaTest cloud to accelerate your Playwright test execution. LambdaTest allows you to run Playwright tests in parallel over a cloud based infrastructure that lets you expand test and browser coverage, ultimately speeding up the release cycle.
How can I run Playwright tests in parallel using LambdaTest?
Visit LambdaTest documentation to get started with Playwright Testing. Learn how to run Playwright tests in parallel with a step by step guide.
What are the benefits of Playwright Testing on LambdaTest?
LambdaTest is the most fastest platform to help you execute Playwright tests at scale faster with its robust, reliable & secure cloud grid. You can trigger Playwright tests instantly on 50+ browser versions (more to come) and moreover get features that aid you to execute tests and deploy faster.
What browser and OS versions does Playwright on Automate support?
LambdaTest makes testing across browsers a breeze. Run Playwright tests in parallel (across 50+ browsers and OS configurations) to further cut down on test execution time. Not only this, reduce feedback time and get your product out faster with LambdaTest.
How many Playwright tests can I run parallely?
LambdaTest allows its users to run as many parallel tests you want at scale. However the freemium version allows users to run 5 parallel tests for the duration of their trial. If you have any questions about this please contact us at:
Does Playwright on LambdaTest support tests on real mobile devices?
Playwright is not currently able to test on real mobile devices.
Can Playwright be used for mobile testing?
Yes, Playwright supports mobile testing by allowing you to simulate mobile devices and browsers. Refer to our Playwright Testing on Android Real Devices documentation.
How to run a Playwright test?
To run a Playwright test with LambdaTest, simply integrate your Playwright scripts into the LambdaTest platform. This allows you to execute tests seamlessly across a wide range of browser environments, enhancing test accuracy and efficiency. Refer to our Playwright Automation testing documentation.
How to run Playwright test in VS code?
In Visual Studio Code, you can run Playwright tests by configuring the debug settings to execute the test commands, allowing you to run and debug tests directly from the editor.
How to run specific tests in Playwright?
To run a specific test, you can use command-line options to specify the test file and the name of the individual test you want to execute.
How to write Playwright tests?
Writing Playwright tests involves defining tests in a script, using specific commands to interact with web elements and perform actions like clicking or typing, all structured in a way that outlines the steps of your test scenario.
Does Playwright test desktop?
Yes, Playwright is designed for testing web applications on desktop browsers, allowing tests to be run across different environments including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
How to run Playwright tests in docker?
Running Playwright tests in Docker involves setting up a Docker environment that includes all necessary Playwright dependencies, and then running your tests through Docker to ensure consistency across different testing environments.
Is Playwright an automation testing language?
Playwright is not a language; it's a tool or library used for automation testing, compatible with languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and others, to automate interactions with web browsers.
What is a Playwright automation tool?
Playwright is a tool developed by Microsoft for automating browser-based tests. It allows for testing web applications across multiple browsers and platforms, focusing on speed and reliability.
What is a testing infrastructure service for Playwright, and why is it important?
A testing infrastructure service for Playwright provides the necessary hardware, software, and network configurations required to execute Playwright tests at scale. LambdaTest offers a robust testing infrastructure service for Playwright, providing scalable environments to efficiently run browser tests across multiple platforms. This service ensures reliable test execution, saving time and resources in software development. Get in touch with the sales team.
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