Cross Browser Testing On Yandex Browsers Online

Test on Latest Yandex Desktop and Mobile Browsers For Cross Browser Compatibility. Test on real machines running real Yandex internet browsers online.
Yandex Browser Testing Online

Browser Testing On Real Yandex Browsers Online

Perform interactive cross browser testing on real Yandex browsers online running on real machines. Ensure cross browser compatibility of your website.
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Test On Different Yandex Browsers

Choose from a range of Yandex browser versions and ensure that your customers get pixel perfect experience irrespective of Yandex browser version they are using.


Mark As A Bug

While performing cross browser testing on latest and oldest Yandex browser versions with LambdaTest, you can also mark your bug directly from LambdaTest to any bug management tool like: JIRA, Asana, Trello or move it to Github, Gitlab or also communicate over Slack.

Test Your Locally Hosted Applications On Yandex

You can also test your locally hosted web applications for cross browser compatibility on various Yandex versions. By connecting LambdaTunnel you can make sure that your web app will perform seamlessly on all Yandex versions across all devices and OSes after getting live.
Test Locally Hosted Web Pages on Yandex Online
cross browser testing on Opera Browsers

Debug With Native Developer tools

While performing cross browser testing on Yandex browsers using LambdaTest, you can debug your bug on the go in real time testing on Yandex browsers with tools like Firebug. This can also be done while testing your locally hosted web application across all versions of Yandex browsers.
Developer Tools

Geolocation Test On Yandex Browsers

Test your website on Yandex browsers online from different locations to assure pixel perfect experience across the globe. You can test Yandex browsers for Geo Targeting, Geo Blocking, Geo Localization across 27+ countries including India, Japan, United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and more.
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Test on Yandex Online And Debug With Native Developer Tools
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