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Run Mobile App Tests earlier in development with LambdaTest Emulators & Simulators across a multitude of devices and ensure faster delivery.
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Scale Mobile App Testing With LambdaTest Cloud

Backed by LambdaTest cloud, accelerate your mobile app testing with Emulators & Simulators on cloud. Find bugs earlier by testing your application across a wide range of Android and iOS devices, ensure seamless user experience and timely delivery on every release.
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Ultrawide Test Coverage, Faster & Easier With LambdaTest Cloud

One Click

One Click Upload

apk file/ .app / zip file or turn in public URL
Multitude of Devices

Multitude of Devices

Test on a wide range of Emulators/Simulators
Monitor The Quality

Monitor The Quality

Shift left with faster tests on LambdaTest Clouds
Deliver On Time

Deliver On Time

Reliable cloud to help you with timely delivery

Upload, Launch & Start Testing! It’s That Quick

You can upload the .apk file, .app or .zip file in one click directly from the LambdaTest platform and get started with testing. Is file upload a hassle? You can also turn in the public URL and it will get uploaded in the emulator/simulator to test on.

Perform Geolocation Tests Across 50+ Locations

Simulate the GPS geolocation or IP geolocation while testing your mobile application and the device will simulate the behavior accordingly. Using LambdaTest emulators and simulators test if your app is working perfectly fine for your target market and ensure seamless user experience.
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Geolocation Tests

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Gain Competitive Edge With Localization Testing

Gain Competitive Edge With Localization Testing

Using LambdaTest emulators & simulators on cloud, ensure your mobile app is specific to users location and region. You can change the device language from within a session, and this would change the default language for the device right away. Furthermore you can also change keyboards and even time zones based on specific location.

Devices We Support For Mobile App Testing



Android 7.0 & above



iOS 11 & above


Enhanced Debugging With Real Time Logs

Debug and optimize in real time with the help of a real time view of logs that will be displayed as you interact with your application.

Deliver Quality By Performing Tests Locally

Test your privately or locally hosted apps as long as you want before pushing them to a live environment.
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Deliver Quality
Mark Bugs

Mark Bugs, Test Logs & Detailed Insights

Increase test execution speed and productivity with one click bug logging, detailed test logs and insights that will help you deliver quality builds faster.

More Reasons To Love LambdaTest

Along with a wide range of Emulator and Simulator combinations to test we provide you additional features to make sure you give your users a perfect experience.

Integrated developer Selenium Testing Tool with 24x7 support

24/7 Support

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automation tool with Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations

With a single click, push bugs in your choice of project management tools, directly from LambdaTest platform.
automation testing tool guide


Step-by-step document for various test automation frameworks to help you run your first Selenium script.

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