CODING JAG - Issue 36

Welcome to the 36th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Why it's (still) so difficult for testers to learn test automation

...5 min

Looking to accelerate your test automation career but unable to shift the gears? Have a look at the common ‘learning’ hurdles faced by automation engineers, along with ‘practical tips’ to improve your proficiency in the test automation field.

What I Learned When I Developed a Web App

...5 min readChrome-Extension

Check out how the development of a web application helped in gaining a deeper understanding of the world of development, testing, and product management. The key takeaway is test automation can be more scalable when developers participate in the field of automation testing!

5 Steps to Measure the Quality of Anything

...5 min

Is it possible to measure the quality of anything and everything? You certainly can.. By measuring the quality of ingredients that constitute the product. Have a look at the 5 step process to unpack quality into attributes that are directly measurable.

How Google Tests Software

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Just imagine for a split second how our life would be without Google? Well, the thought itself looks scary for many of us who use Google as a lifeline to search for information online. Check out this blog if you are intrigued to know how innovative software testing processes are used by the search giant to build & test ‘Google’!

What happens behind the scenes when a Browser renders a Webpage

...5 min

All of us use the web browser to access the web. However, there is a lot going on behind the scenes when the browser renders a web page. Have a look at the series of events that lead to the rendering of a page and why different browsers render pages differently...

CPerformance Tests Deserve Continuous Testing Too

...4 min

Continuous testing (CT) is often described in terms of unit tests. But performance tests deserve to be in CT, too. While performance testing has its own set of challenges, the right understanding makes it possible not just to fit performance into CT, but to make the most of that position.

What’s new in LoadRunner Professional 2021 R1?

...4 min readChrome-Extension

Load testing helps in checking whether the web application (or website) performs well at different load conditions. Micro Focus LoadRunner is one of the popular tools for load testing, have a look at the newly introduced features in LoadRunner Professional 2021. It’s time to give wings to your load testing strategy!

How to use Assert and Verify in Selenium WebDriver

...7 min

Assert in Selenium WebDriver lets you validate the test scenarios and throw an assert if the specified condition is not met. Verify in Selenium WebDriver helps in checking non-critical things where the test execution continues even if the test result has failed.

Case Study: Simulate Two Users with Selenium Automation Scripts

...9 min

An impressive demonstration of a typical enterprise business process scenario with automation scripts. The blog deep dives into the execution of a Selenium WebDriver script for testing a business web application.

Using data tables in Cucumber-JVM for better readable specifications

...9 min

Cucumber is one of the popular BDD (Behavioral Driven Development) tools used for automation testing. If you are struggling to write readable scenarios, it’s best to explore Data Tables in Cucumber-JVM for creating readable specifications and cleaner step definitions.

Hard and Soft Assertions in test automation

...9 min

One of the best practices of writing automation tests is to make it atomic so that the focus is on testing a single feature. Exceptions are an integral part of automation tests so that the test execution stops when a particular test fails. Check out when should you use Hard and Soft Assertions in Selenium automation tests...

How To Implement a JUnit Parameterized Test for Selenium Test Automation

...9 min readChrome-Extension

Tired of writing the same test scripts for testing against different input values? Save time by learning how to perform a parameterized test in JUnit by retrieving data from a data source.

Rest your eye with AyeSpy -- Automated visual testing

...10 min

Do you know that you can use the combination of Docker, Selenium, and Aye Spy to automate visual testing for your web project? It’s time to give shape to visual testing by leveraging these tools. The end result is a better product experience that woos the end-users!

You Need a Sentry to Catch Exceptions in Production

...8 min

What if you encounter bugs in the product when it is in the production stage? Autonomous Exception Capture is the best way to catch exceptions in Production environments and handle them for a quick resolution.

Product Of The Week #1: Hoverify 2.0

...5 min

Web developers are always on the lookout for tools that can boost their overall productivity. Hoverify is one such suite of tools that not only enhances productivity but also amplifies your web development experience.

Product Of The Week #2: DeepSource

...5 min

With seamless integration with development workflows and version-control providers, DeepSource saves tons of time and effort in hunting common bugs and in manual code reviews. It also enables tracking key source code metrics -- like documentation coverage, dependencies, etc. easily.

Podcast: The Benefits of Automating Your API Security Testing with Oliver Moradov


In this episode, Oliver Moradov, a VP at NeuraLegion, will share the benefits of adding API security testing automation directly into your DevOps or CI/CD pipelines.

Video: Fundamentals of Locators and Xpath in Selenium

...52 min

Tired of using rudimentary tools to figure out XPath of the WebElements in the DOM? Check out the video that touches upon the fundamentals of Web Locators and how Selectors Hub can be used to find XPath with super ease!

PODCAST: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In The Workplace

...29 min

Listen to this intriguing podcast which highlights the importance of Reverse discrimination, racial and gender equity in the workplace. The guest - Ash Coleman, also talks about simple & effective ways to promote DEI at the workplace.



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