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Coding Jag - Issue 8

Welcome to the 8th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!

As a software developer, how comfortable are you writing test codes?

They say that the bond between Software Developers and Test Codes is intricate and strained. If it involves coding, they should love it. Right? Yet more often than not, that does not seem to be the case. Many have tried to share their theories about this complex relationship. And many have failed, time and again.

This week, Tal Doron ventures into the testing universe and explains the role of Software Developers. He braves out a theory based on their attitude towards manual QA & approach towards TDD, BDD.

As you try to develop a theory of your own, don't forget to check out some of the most interesting blogs & stories we have vetted for you. From Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering, we have it all. And there's an exciting conference coming up! Here they are-

Quality Engineering Vs. Quality Assurance: Everything You Need To Know

5 min read theqalead.com

How is the emerging quality engineering discipline different from QA? I compare quality engineering vs. quality assurance and talk about the trends driving us towards QE over QA.

The Complex Relationship Between Software Developers & Test Code

5 min read medium.com

How would you define the relation between software developers & test codes? Can’t put a word to it? An attempt at braving out a theory and finding the right words to describe this intricate relationship.

Use Mocks in Testing? Choose the Lesser Evil!

5 min read dzone.com

Are you a fan of mocking? How often do you replace the real code? Dmitry Egorov explains the best practices around mocking and why it might be better to avoid mocking in order to have real code quality.

Flip on the Testing switch for Ops-DevOps Engineers

5 min read revelutions.medium.com

Do you think it is easy to switch to test automation? Is it as easy as flipping a switch? For operations engineers, testing may simply mean Quality Assurance.

What You Can Do Before Quitting Your Job as a Tester?

5 min read dev-tester.com

It's tempting to quit when things aren't going your way, but it's not always the right thing to do. You have the ability to change your situation.

How The Browser Renders A Web Page?

7 min read dev.to

Time and again you have wondered how browsers render web pages. This is a highly informational end-to-end summary of the entire process at a fairly high level.

It’s Time To Start Orchestrating Our Testing Efforts

5 min read benlinders.com

Increased collaboration to deliver faster with better quality is driving the need to coordinate testing work throughout the delivery cycle.

JEval – Evaluate your JMeter Test Plan

4 min read qainsights.com

Heard about JEval? It helps you evaluate your JMeter testing plan. Explaining how it works, how useful it will be useful, along with its limitations and so much more.

Planning for a Better 2021 – The “Time Table”

4 min read stevekeating.me

Stop blaming 2020 and start planning for 2021! That’s what successful people are doing and that’s what you should also be doing right now. Get started with this blog!

The Most Detailed Selenium PHP Tutorial (with Examples)

7 min read lambdatest.com

This is a comprehensive Selenium PHP tutorial. You’ll learn how to set up PHP with Selenium, run parallel testing to trim down test execution time and more!

Custom Test Automation Framework: Define Features Part 3

9 min read automatetheplanet.com

The first step of creating a custom test automation framework is to define the features you need to implement and do proper research.

Generate Your Test Data From a Template

9 min read thetestingpirate.be

With Freemarker, a template engine written in java, you can generate your test data with a simple template. I show how it works.

9 Of The Best Reporting Tools For Selenium

10 min read lambdatest.com

A detailed test report is the crux of a tester’s existence and choosing the right reporting tool is of utmost importance. We list out the best reporting tools for Selenium test automation.

Introducing the SpecFlow Online Gherkin Editor

8 min read specflow.org

Quickly write, download and share your feature files and scenarios with your team and stakeholders. No need for Visual Studio, no installation.

Get the Funkify Out: A Neat Accessibility Tool/Disability Simulator

8 min read mkltesthead.com

Now, this is interesting. Funkify — a Chrome extension tool that helps you understand how people with certain disabilities see your page. Intrigued yet?

Webinar: Test Driving Selenium 4 – with Angie Jones [webinar recording]

62 min applitools.com

Angie Jones explores Selenium 4 new features, including Relative Locators, Chrome Devtools Protocol (CDP), Window Management, and more.

Podcast: Speeding up Django Test Suites - Adam Johnson

23 min testandcode.com

All test suites start fast. But as you grow your set of tests, each test adds a little bit of time to the suite. What can you do about it to keep test suites fast? How do you do it for Django test suites?

Podcast: Educating Future Generations of Testers with Simon Prior

32 min testguild.com

The education of our future generation of testers is critical! In this episode, Simon Prior will share some ways to coach up your teams to become testing leaders in your organization.

Video: “Safe Refactoring With Characterization Tests” From Test Automation Days 2020

22 min youtube.com

A video about characterization tests – what they are, how they can help you, and how you can use the ApprovalTests tool (as an example) to cover your untested code with tests.

Testing United 2020 - Your testing conference, online conference

32 min testingunited.com

Testing United is a testing conference aimed at all levels of testers, test leads, test managers, test consultants and IT employees that come in daily contact with testing teams.

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