CODING JAG - Issue 11

Welcome to the 11th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

10 Awesome Github Repos Every Web Developer Should Know

...5 min

Simon Holdorf have collected ten great repositories you can find on GitHub that will definitely give you an instant knowledge boost.

Automationist's Gambit

...5 min

What do you know about Queen’s Gambit? It is popular, has prowess & puts you in control. How about implementing the same concept to automation?

How To Move From Manual Testing To Test Automation

...5 min

Building on top of your strong QA mindset gained from manual testing experience, here are the next steps to move you into automation testing.

5 Steps to Reinvent Your Testing Practice

...5 min

At some point, your organization’s testing process may need an overhaul. Maybe your goals or risks have changed, or you haven’t evaluated new tools or automation in a while, or you just think your testing could be better.

State of CSS 2020: Layout Resources

...5 min

Curious about the latest additions to CSS? Here is a collection of resources to learn about all the new features of CSS.

Mind maps for Software Testing

...7 min

What is a great way to get all your testing ideas out in the table? Apparently the answer is mind maps and this explains exactly why.

The Headlight Effect: How To Avoid Pitfalls In Your Software Project?

...5 min

Working on a software project is like walking on eggshells. You never know what pitfalls you might come across in the next step. This guide can help you avoid so many of them.

Using the Scientific Method To Debug Containerized Applications

...4 min

Let's look at a sample app that works locally, but fails when deployed, and how you might use the scientific method to debug the failures in containerized apps.

21 top performance engineering leaders to follow on Twitter

...4 min

Here are our picks for the most influential folks in the performance engineering community. If you're in the field, make sure to follow them.

Cypress Vs Selenium: How To Pick The Right Testing Tool For You?

...7 min

Which one is better? Here is a thorough comparison between the two to help you decide which the right testing tool for your business is.

Roadmap to QA Automation Engineer

...9 min

Mapping the journey of a QA professional and telling it all about the types of software engineering roles that we often come across.

My Top Blunders With Test Automation

...9 min readChrome-Extension

Everyone makes mistakes. But no matter how bad they seem, you can recover and, more importantly, learn from them.

What Is Kualitee? Overview and Tour Of Features

...10 min readChrome-Extension

Learn about Kualitee, a test management tool, and what it offers QA leads and teams. Planning, collaboration, and test execution can be a walk in the park.

Introducing Cerberus Open Source Test Automation Framework

...8 min

Cerberus Testing is an open source low-code test automation platform. It supports testing Web, iOS, Android and API (REST, SOAP and Kafka) applications and integrates with Selenium, Appium and other testing tools.

Four of the best UI Test Automation tools for Dynamics 365

...8 min

Selecting the right test automation tool can be very challenging, especially for applications like Dynamics 365. Let us discuss the tools available for automated testing with Dynamics CRM apps.

Podcast: AI-Guided Authoring In Autonomous Mobile Testing (with Royi Haddad from 21Labs)

...58 minChrome-Extension

Jonathon chats with Royi Haddad of 21 Labs about autonomous testing, functional UI testing, personalizing tests to devices, and more.

Podcast: Career Advancement for Testers with Raj Subrameyer

...47 min

Do you want to find your dream job and become a successful tester? In this episode, Raj Subrameyer, author of ‘Skyrocket Your Career’ shares his advice on career advancement for testers.

Video: What Is the Difference Between WebDriver and WebElement Interface in Selenium?

...8 min readChrome-Extension

In this video, you will learn about the difference between WebElement and WebDriver interface in Selenium. Who knows when this might come up in your next interview!


...00 minChrome-Extension

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