CODING JAG - Issue 12

Welcome to the 12th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Convert Your Website Into An APP With 3 Easy Steps

...5 min

In this post, Hrithwik will describe three easy steps, which will let you convert your website into an Android/IOS app.

Career RoadMap for Functional Test Automation Developers

...5 min

This blog will see how choosing test automation engineering as a career path can help you become QA champions.

Basics of The Pairwise, or All-pairs, Testing Technique

...5 min

Pairwise testing can improve test coverage without increasing wait times. Consider the QA technique's benefits, challenges, and role within a test suite.

Excellent Software Testing

...5 min

This story is about Alice. Alice is an excellent tester. Excellent testing is hard to describe. You only find out what excellent testing is when you see it. Here's what I have seen.

6 Questions to Help You Know When to Stop Testing

...5 min

We can validate whether a product is working as expected, but testing has to stop at some point so the product can be released. Complete, exhaustive testing is impossible. Here are six questions to help decide that it's time to stop testing.

The Challenge Of Testing Data Pipelines

...7 min

HCheck how the Oracle Problem, quality thresholds, walled gardens, multi-dimensional quality, and the very purpose of tests makes the challenge of testing data pipelines different from testing traditional software.

JUnit Test Groups for More Reliable Development

...4 min

This post will present a small working example that describes how to split tests into multiple categories (groups) and have a more reliable development.

Performance testing gRPC services

...4 min readChrome-Extension

In this article, we've gone through some of the fundamentals of gRPC and how it works and also had a look at the gRPC client introduced in k6 v0.29.0.

Test Data Factory: Why and How to Use

...7 min

In this article, you will learn how to generate dynamic test data using the Test Data Factory pattern to have less maintenance.

http Basic Authentication With Selenium

...9 min

I want to automate the login on a web page with basic http authentication with selenium. It is not clicking and typing in the dialog box. Check how to overcome this challenge!

How To Run Junit Tests From The Command Line

...9 min

Want to run JUnit tests from the command line? Read on to learn how to compile and run JUnit tests from the command line in different ways.

6 of the Best API Testing Tools in the Market

...10 min

In this article, see six of the best API testing tools available on the market, including Katalon Studio, Postman, SoapUI, and more.

How to Gather Your Test Automation Results With ReportPortal

...8 min

Keeping track of your test automation results allows your test suite to stay in optimal condition. Learn how the ReportPortal dashboard can help.

Jenkins vs Travis vs Bamboo vs TeamCity: Clash Of The Titans

...8 min readChrome-Extension

In the CI/CD tools battle, Jenkins vs. Travis vs. Bamboo vs. TeamCity is the most talked-about one as these are the best CI/CD tools available. We know how hard it can be to choose between them; this blog will help you out there.

Podcast: NoOps & The Future Of QA Automation (with Lewis Prescott from Cancer Research UK)

...46 minChrome-Extension

Lewis talks about how QA approaches are changing as NoOps begins to replace DevOps. He talks about the tools, training, and culture of QA automation, projects he’s led, and the future of automation in QA.

Podcast: The Testing Show: External vs. Internal Software Testing

...47 min

In this podcast, we will see how some software is developed to work within a company for the benefit of its staff and is never seen outside of the company it serves.

Podcast: Mutation Testing in Python with mutmut - Anders Hovmöller

...29 min

Mutation testing is a way of testing the quality of your test suite. Anders wrote mutmut for mutation testing in Python and explains mutation testing, mutmut usage, workflow, and more in this episode.

Software Testing Conference


Built on the theme of The Future of Quality Engineering: Imagine, Innovate and Build the “new normal” this year, the conference will be a display of ideas, experiments, and experiences to explore challenges and suggest techniques and innovations to overcome the common problems.

How to Get True Cross Browser Test Coverage with TestCafe and LambdaTest


In this webinar, we will deep dive into TestCafe, an open-source platform to automate your web testing. You will learn how to get started with TestCafe and integrate it with LambdaTest to get better browser coverage.


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