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Coding Jag - Issue 16

Welcome to the 16th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!

Automation testing is hard, and it's not easy being an automation tester. Especially when you are starting a new test automation project, you might go through many ifs and buts, particularly in choosing a programming language. However, you can consider a few factors like your comfortability or the level of support the language has before choosing the right one.

We walk you through some of the most used programming languages for UI test automation in 2020 with Angie Jones, giving insights into their industry usage. But, remember, we don't mean that these are the "best programming language," as the best language is the one that is best for your context.

In this edition, we have also covered Test Flakiness as one of the main challenges of automated testing, a video on becoming a full-stack QA/Automation Engineer, and more. This issue accounts for some exciting stories from the testing world that you would love to read.

Improving Cross-Browser Testing, Part 1: Web Application Testing Today

5 min read hacks.mozilla.org

With our commitment to building a better Internet, we want to provide web developers with the tools they need to build great web experiences – including great testing tools.

20 Python Packages That You Must Try

5 min read levelup.gitconnected.com

Python is the most used programming language in the world of programming. With features like One-Liners and Packages, it is one of the best choices for beginners.

Introduction to Accessibility Testing

5 min read mariedrake.com

If you've been looking to learn the basics of accessibility testing, why it's important, and the benefits it can provide to your teams, then this course is for you.

Prisoner's Dilemma in Testing: A Mini-Waterfall Simulation

5 min read salmonmode.github.io

A sustainable development process needs checks and balances to ensure we move forward as quickly as we can safely. But what happens when there are none?

JavaScript Frameworks, Performance Comparison 2020

5 min read medium.com

We have a lot of choices when it comes to building our JavaScript frontends. This is only a quick dip into looking at the performance overhead the framework brings.

Test Flakiness - One of The Main Challenges Of Automated Testing

7 min read testing.googleblog.com

Dealing with test flakiness is a critical skill in testing because automated tests that do not provide a consistent signal will slow down the entire development process. If you haven’t encountered flaky tests, this article is a must-read.

In-house Tool for Performance Testing

4 min read dzone.com

This article analyzes how to create a simple tool, which can serve data conditioning testing or performance testing of mobile, web, or desktop applications.

Building Immunity Into Your Continuous Delivery Pipelines

4 min read synapse-qa.com

Immutable infrastructure or Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the mantra, the infrastructure that’s never modified once they are deployed. This will provide consistency, even when you repeat the process 1000 times.

2020’s Most Popular Programming Languages for UI Test Automation

7 min read applitools.com

See the top 5 programming languages used for web and mobile UI automation! However, do not take this to mean “best programming language,” as the best language is the one that is best for your context.

A faster way to clean all inputs in an HTML form

9 min read eliasnogueira.com

Imagine you dealing with your functional/e2e tests where you want to clean the input fields. You will probably, use your web test automation framework to do it, right? It seems a good and easy approach, but is it fast? Discover in this article how you can speed up your test!

Tips About TestNG Listeners In Selenium WebDriver With Examples

9 min read hackernoon.com

Here, we will look at all of the TestNG listeners in Selenium WebDriver with examples so that you could use them proficiently according to your project requirements.

Cross browser testing with LambdaTest Automate using .NET Core and xUnit

9 min read mattsalmon.net

Cross browser testing with LambdaTest Automate using .NET Core and xUnit and frees you from the headaches of manually administering an in-house Selenium grid and therefore having to keep multiple devices connected, updated, and running on-demand.

Top 7 Static Code Analysis Tools

10 min read dzone.com

A list of the top 7 static code analyzers in this blog will help you ensure good quality on the code, fewer bugs, and speeding the current development.

Deep-dive into GraphQL in JMeter

8 min read qainsights.com

With the release of the latest JMeter 5.4, you can do GraphQL performance testing using GraphQL HTTP Sampler. This blog deep-dives into GraphQL in JMeter 5.4.

Product Of The Week #1: Toast.log 2.0


See errors, warnings, and logs as they happen on your site — without having to open the browser’s console. Find bugs you didn't know were there via notifications in toast format.

Product Of The Week #2: Maze + Figma


Maze is a user testing platform that turns your prototype into actionable insights from real users, bringing confidence to the design process. Now available for Figma in a public beta.

Product Of The Week #3: UserTesters.io


You can directly connect tech startups with qualified candidates looking to test apps for an extra bit of cash.

Podcast: Testing in Scientific Research and Academia - Martin Héroux

46 min testandcode.com

Scientists learn to program as they need it. Some of them learn it in college, but that's not their focus even if they do. It's not surprising that sharing the software used for scientific research and papers is spotty, at best. And what about testing? We'd hope that the software behind scientific research is tested.

Video: How to Become Full Stack QA/ Automation Testing Engineer (2021 Edition)

89 min youtube.com

Learn How to Become Full Stack QA / Automation Tester in 2021 and know more about the full-stack QA/Automation tester path and dangers of becoming a full-stack Tester/QA.

Podcast: False positives and negatives in test automation

29 min soundcloud.com

Listen to this episode if you want to learn more about dealing with false positives and negatives in test automation and how a tester can contribute to unit testing efforts!

99 Minute Workshop: A Deep Dive into JUnit 5 with Boni Garcia

00 min ministryoftesting.com

Version 5 of the popular testing framework JUnit was first released in September 2017. Since then, JUnit 5 is in constant evolution and maintenance. This workshop will help you understand the modular architecture of JUnit 5, execute basic test cases with JUnit 5, and more.

How To Group Test Cases In TestNG [with Examples]

07 min lambdatest.com

In this tutorial, you will learn how to group test cases in TestNG and demonstrate with relevant TestNG group examples.

Nightwatch Vs Protractor: Which Testing Framework Is Right For You?

8 min lambdatest.com

In this blog, we compared two of the most commonly used JavaScript testing frameworks - to help you pick the right test automation framework for you.

How To Find Broken Links Using Selenium WebDriver?

8 min lambdatest.com

Want to find broken links on your website? Here's how you can do broken link testing on your website using Selenium in Java, C#, Python, and PHP.

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