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Coding Jag - Issue 15

Welcome to the 15th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!

2020 has not been a great year for many, but not for ones who kept aside the little annoyance of a global pandemic and went on to do something different. Life’s a tumble and having the mind space that automation offers plays a significant role in overcoming that. Having said that, you can automate a lot of things in your life and save hours over the course of the year.

This becomes even more true when you look at semi-automation, such as finding an easy way to quickly sort through emails and push them into folders or automate your postal deliveries.

This post covers everything @keypressingmonkey automated in 2020 to save hours and so many small quick hacks that saved a great deal of time on a workday.

As you try to automate things in your life, don’t forget to check some of the most exciting reads on improving the automate everything approach and the future of test automation.

And it’s not just all! Here is a complete list of reads you might be interested in.

Five Reasons You’re Not Ready For Continuous Deployment

5 min read thinkingtester.com

Continuous Deployment, when done correctly, is a valuable tool that makes it easier for teams to produce quality software quickly. But be sure that you are completely ready for this step by taking an honest, objective look at these five reasons with your team.

How One Developer Recreated AirDrop Using Just JavaScript

5 min read dev.to

SnapDrop.net, created by Robin Linus, lets you directly share files between any device with a browser. It doesn’t matter if it's between iPhone and Android or a tablet with a PC.

Everything I Automated In 2020 To Save Me Hours Of Time

5 min read levelup.gitconnected.com

You can automate many things in your life and save hours over the course of the year. This becomes even more true when you look at semi-automation like for example finding an easy way to quickly sort through emails and push them into folders.

The Rise of TestOps

5 min read jarbon.medium.com

How do the most well-funded, sophisticated software test teams on the planet test everything? — they don’t! There is a new way to test that delivers excellent coverage.

The Future of Test Automation Must Be Intelligent

5 min read continuoustesting.blog/

Test automation intelligence should guide engineers on which test automation scenarios to execute, automate if missing, and continuously maintain.

10 Extraordinary GitHub Repos for All Developers

7 min read thesmartcoder.dev

In this curated list of ten fantastic repositories, you will see great value for all software engineers. All of them have a lot of GitHub stars, underlining their relevance, popularity, and usefulness.

Optimize Performance and Render Websites Superfast in ReactJS

4 min read dzone.com

In order to optimize the performance of your React code, you have to make sure that it’s not re-rendering unnecessarily. This is the main reason for bottlenecks.

Challenges in Gathering Performance Requirements

4 min read synapse-qa.com

Application Performance is important. Good Performance means revenue. Good Performance means assured business, repeat business. Performance is about people.

How to Improve the Automate Everything Approach

7 min read ranorex.com/

Over the years, I've heard many, many software testers say that their management expects them to "automate everything." But does this approach make sense?

Running Your First Test With NightWatchJS

9 min read lambdatest.com

Nightwatch.js is one of the most popular JavaScript testing frameworks. This Nightwatch.js tutorial will help you get started with your first Nightwatch.js Selenium automation script!

10 Portfolio Projects for Aspiring Automation Engineers

9 min read applitools.com

Angie Jones describes a portfolio of ten projects that help even novice test engineers demonstrate their skills to get the job.

Top 10 Python GUI Frameworks for Developers

10 min read towardsdatascience.com

There are a wide array of GUI frameworks in Python, such as TkInter, Kivy, PyForms, and more. They are designed to supercharge building user interfaces that people will love to use.

Open Source Automated Visual Testing

8 min read dev.to

Automated Visual Regression Testing can help you detect when the layout of a web page has changed. Instead of comparing pixels from screenshots, layout differences can be detected by comparing HTML tags and attributes with a baseline.

Product Of The Week #1: Microlink 3.0


Fast, scalable, and reliable browser automation built for businesses and developers. Proudly open source.

Product Of The Week #2: UserLeap


UserLeap lets you run targeted micro-surveys in your product with a snippet of code deployed just once. A product manager can ask a question about onboarding, feature usage, or customer needs and get hundreds of actionable responses within hours.

Product Of The Week #3: Blocs 4.0


Blocs for the Mac is a fast, intuitive, and powerful visual web design app that lets you create responsive websites and WordPress themes without writing code.

Podcast: What You Should Know About Visual Testing

46 min soundcloud.com

Federico Toledo chats with Anand Bagmar about what you should know about visual testing and how it can enhance your test automation.

Video: Selenium Framework + Jenkins + GitHub + Allure Report Integration.

47 min youtube.com

In this video, you will see how to work with Selenium Framework and create a Git Repo for the same in an easy, step-by-step process.

Podcast: Unit Level Performance Using QuickPotato with Joey Hendricks

29 min testguild.com

What do potatoes have to do with performance testing? In this episode, Joey Hendricks will share his open-source, Python-based performance testing framework for unit testing— Quick Potato.

Edge Global Week

00 min events.broad-group.com

In this Edge Global Week, a crafted 3-day virtual learning experience, BroadGroup brings together some of the most respected voices in the space to respond to almost any questions you may have about Edge.

How To Generate Test Report In NUnit?

07 min lambdatest.com

In this tutorial, you will learn about generating reports in NUnit along with some new features and advantages of Extent Reports.

How To Integrate Jenkins With Selenium WebDriver?

8 min lambdatest.com

Jenkins integration with Selenium is an important part of any organization’s Selenium test automation strategy. This guide will help you integrate Jenkins with Selenium and reap the benefits.

12 Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

8 min lambdatest.com

This blog takes you through 12 common web design mistakes to avoid in the coming year to ensure adequate lead generation and improved user experience on your website.

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