CODING JAG - Issue 18

Welcome to the 18th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

A New Year Challenge

...5 min

This year don’t just learn a programming language “enough to be dangerous”, or enough to write test automation; really understand the components of the language and how to use them.

Contemporary Exploratory Testing

...5 min

Contemporary is about today. I use that word to get away from the ideas of ISTQB and agile testing where exploratory testing was considered a technique, a thing you do for unknown unknowns on top of all the other testing recipes.

Why Your Team Doesn't Need To Use Pull Requests

...5 min

Using pull requests for code changes by your own team members is like having your family members go through an airport security checkpoint to enter your home.

10 Fantastic Books By Developers For Developers

...5 min

Reading books still is a great way to discover and learn new skills, especially for developers, to stay relevant in the vastly changing tech industry.

We Need To Stop Using White/Black Box Testing Categorisation

...5 min

White vs black box categorisation is widely used, particularly by beginners. But, in my honest opinion, it is rather inaccurate and inadequate.

Organizations Are Inclined Towards Browser Performance Testing In DevOps

...4 min

A thought on why the organizations are inclined towards browser performance testing over protocol performance testing especially in DevOps.

Are we solving the right problems in test automation? Part 1

...4 min

Marking my 15-year anniversary in the testing and test automation field, I dive into the type of problems we are solving with the help of test automation.

Distributed Test Reporting using ELK stack!

...7 min

The code used throughout this article is available on the open-source project “Test Automation Bootstrap”, hosted on GitHub.

Easily Manage Properties Files In Java With Owner

...9 min

This article will help you easily manage your property files using Java so you can be much more productive and assertive in developing your code that uses properties files.

How To Setup JUnit Environment For Your First Test?

...9 min

Want to set up a JUnit environment for your first test? Read on to learn how to download, install, and set up JUnit and use it with Eclipse IDE and IntelliJ IDEA.

Automate Your Reporting Process With Python, Vue.js, And Gmail

...9 min

A concrete step by step example to automate your reports without the need for a server.

10 Best Online Cross-Browser Testing Tools In 2021

...10 min

These tools will help in cross-browser testing of your site across Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, and other browsers.

Test Grepping In Cypress Using Module API

...8 min

If you are running hundreds of tests in Cypress, chances are you may want to run just a subset of them. There are several ways you can do this, and in this blog, I’d like to show you mine.

Product Of The Week #1: Sponsorware for Github

...5 min

Sponsorware for Github is the easiest way to sell access to your private repositories on Github with Github Sponsors.Get started in minutes and start selling your software on Github today!

Product Of The Week #2: Slowbug

...5 min readChrome-Extension

Slowbug is a VS Code extension for debugging your code in slow-mo! Slowbug makes it possible to see how the control flows through the code by running it slowly, at your preferred speed, line by line. We find it handy when working on a new codebase.

Podcast: Visual Testing - Angie Jones


Visual Testing has come a long way from the early days of x,y mouse clicks and pixel comparisons. Angie Jones joins the show to discuss how modern visual testing tools work and how to incorporate visual testing into a complete testing strategy.

Video: 'How to test anything in 3 minutes?' by James Thomas | QA INSPIRATIONAL TALKS 2021

...52 min readChrome-Extension

James Thomas shares his useful tips to help you test anything and everything in three minutes!

Podcast: Python year in review (2020 edition)

...29 min

Join Brian and Michael along with Cecil Phillip, Ines Montani, Jay Miller, Paul Everitt, Reuven Lerner, and Matt Harrison for a light-hearted and fun look back on the major Python events of 2020.

Devnexus 2021


The largest Java platform conference in the USA and one of the leading technology events held annually around the globe.


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