CODING JAG - Issue 19

Welcome to the 19th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Javascript Generating a Sitemap with Node.JS and Javascript Automatically

...5 min

Site maps are a very important aspect of SEO optimization. Google and other search engines can use a sitemap to figure out where all your pages are and how they link together. In this tutorial, we will be creating an automated site map with Node.JS and Express.

Testing And Coding, Not Coding “Then” Testing

...5 min

Testing and coding shouldn’t be separated as stand-alone activities. They are part of the same development process. Code is not complete without testing – at least some kind of testing, although some testing activities can be completed without writing any code.

How does software testing impact software quality?

...5 min

If we think of testing as an information service provider, then the impact of testing on the quality of the end product is heavily dependent on both the quality of that information and also on the actions & decisions taken on that information.

Unit Testing with Mocha and Chai followed by Test Driven Development (TDD)

...5 min

Ensuring Software Quality is an essential and difficult job, especially in certain situations where requirements are changing rapidly. In such conditions, a good Test Framework can help to manage and execute test scripts frequently and efficiently. Mocha is one of them.


...5 min

There is a world of competition out there when it comes to software testing. Creating a killer resume, sending in a cover letter, and acing the interview might not be enough to compete in some markets.

How to Test Software in Startups – Idea vs Functional Testing

...4 min

Building a startup is a lot of work, and resources are limited. One of the biggest reasons why startups fail is the lack of product-market fit. It is therefore understandable if founders go to market with their product as early as possible to show a need.

7 Steps to Optimize the Cost of Software Testing

...4 min

Software testing can prevent errors that can be costly to fix, resulting in avoidable and exorbitant expenses later. Here are seven steps to optimize upfront costs.

What Is New In Selenium 4 And What Is Deprecated In It?

...7 min

In this blog, we will see some of the significant enhancements in Selenium 4. Also, we will cover some of the features that are deprecated and changed in this newest version.

9 Test Automation Predictions for 2021

...9 min

Every year, pundits and critics offer their predictions for the year ahead. Here are my predictions for test automation in 2021.

Page Object Pattern in Automated Testing Java Code

...9 min

One of the most popular patterns in web automation is the so-called Page Object Design Pattern. To understand the pattern's primary goal, first, you need to think about what your web automation tests are doing.

Roku WebDriver Test Automation: Lessons From the Field

...9 min

Roku’s release of a WebDriver API for their platform has opened the door for effective UI test automation. However, the Roku WebDriver resources are relatively new and therefore are not as mature as the automation tooling for other platforms.

10 Best Defect Tracking Tools For Software Testing In 2021

...10 min

Defect tracking tools are a software application that keeps track of reported software bugs—here's a list of the best software on the market.

AI-based Test Automation Tools. Part 4. Challenges and obstacles.

...8 min

Fully autonomous test generation, although sounds cool but is not mature enough. It can be useful to reveal gaps in coverage and easy to find bugs. However, testing of complex systems cannot be done using only autonomously generated tests.

Product Of The Week #1: LT Browser

...5 min readChrome-Extension

LT Browser is the perfect tool for designers, developers, and enthusiastic amateurs who want to create great-looking & well-performing responsive websites or web apps. Instantly View, Build, and Debug your website on 45+ mobile, tablet, & desktop viewports.

Product Of The Week #2: Tails

...5 min

Tails is the ultimate TailwindCSS Page Creator. Need a website for your next great idea? Tails is the perfect tool to create a beautiful landing page. With over 120 design blocks, you can mix and match to craft the perfect landing page for your next project.

Podcast: Modern Web Testing Using TestCafe with Dmytro Shpakovskyi


Are you curious to learn more about automation using TestCafe? In this episode, Dmytro Shpakovskyi, author of Modern Web Testing with TestCafe, will share insights from his new book. Discover automation testing strategies for end-to-end web testing using TestCafe and JavaScript. Listen up!


...52 min

And here’s the JUnit webinar recording. It goes through what makes special about JUnit 5, and more important than features, how they can help you write better, organized tests.


...29 min

In this episode, the Testing Peers discuss one of Simon's pet projects. They discuss the lack of testing being taught in Universities and how we, as an industry, can help to attract more people into testing roles. They also talk about what skills we should look for when hiring people into first testing roles.



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