CODING JAG - Issue 2

Welcome to the 2th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Why Care About Releasing?

...9 min

Darryn Downey shares his thoughts on the importance of being more agile and releasing frequently.

AI in testing: 13 essential resources for QA pros

...5 min

I liked this interesting compilation of various news and resources on AI in testing, prepared by Paul Merrill. What is AI? How can it be used in testing? Is it going to replace testers altogether? You can learn a lot from this article!

Trust Your Pipeline: Automatically Testing an End-to-End Java Application

...6 min

In this post you will learn how to use 3 different Java libraries to create tests and enable you to run an end-to-end pipeline.

Overcome 6 Selenium Automation Testing Challenges

...4 min

Although testing with Selenium has improved automation, there's also a fair share of Selenium challenges due to its open source. Learn how to overcome them.

The Ultimate Postman Tutorial for API Testing

...7 min

This is a big one! Six great chapters explaining how to test API from scratch using Postman by Dave Westerveld. What else I can say — just check it out!

Selenium Firefox Driver: Automate Testing With Firefox Browsers

...5 min

Selenium Firefox Driver or GeckoDriver acts as an intermediary between your Selenium test cases and the Firefox browser. Learn to setup, download, and run scripts using Selenium Firefox Driver.

10 tips I learned from automation testing

...6 min

A simple and effective list of what to be aware of when doing test automation, presented in the form of lessons with supporting quotes.

Code: Lean Test Automation Architecture using Java and Selenium

...10 min

If you're tired of setting up your testing framework with Java and Selenium from scratch, you might want to use this handy boilerplate created by Elias Nogueira.

Guide: What is the Microsoft Playwright Automation Tool

...11 min

Playwright is a new player on the market of JavaScript testing frameworks and it's definitely worth paying attention to. Thanks to this great summary by Joe Colantonio, you will know how it can help you in your test automation efforts.

Salesforce Test Automation with Guljeet Nagpaul


Salesforce Test Automation with Guljeet Nagpaul.

The Best Practice To Handle Ransomware Are Backups and Zero Tolerance


The Best Practice To Handle Ransomware Are Backups and Zero Tolerance


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