CODING JAG - Issue 3

Welcome to the 3th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Modern React testing: Cypress and Cypress Testing Library

...9 min readChrome-Extensionblog.sapegin.m

A really deep dive into how Cypress can be used for testing React applications by Artem Sapegin. Loved the rich-in-code examples!

Data Management approaches for your tests

...5 min

Elias Nogueira shares several ways that you can use to generate test data for automated tests, explaining it very simply with examples.

Running End-To-End Tests Without Blocking Your Team

...7 min

Automating end-to-end tests might block your team while they wait for builds to run. A few tweaks to your test automation workflow can help unblock them.

Too Many Meeting, A Dev’s Cry For Help: 5 Things Team Leads Can Do

...4 min

`Too many meetings` is not a complaint. It's a cry for help. Forget no-meeting Friday. It doesn't work. Dan Lines have some new ideas you can use to increase dev focus time.

Testing web applications - adapt your tests to your architecture

...7 min

Bruno Oliveira explains why there's no ideal test automation pyramid to follow and gives a piece of advice on how you should adapt your strategy according to the test architecture instead.

How To Pick Test Cases For Automation

...5 min

Here you'll get the Recipe to pick right test cases for automation.

Web automation in java with no browser

...8 min

Chrome has a headless option. In that case chrome launches without an interface. There is an other way to do web automation in java with no browser.

10 QA Automation Tools You Should Be Using In 2020

...10 min

A nice list of 10 well-described automation tools recommended by Jason Boog. Plus you'll find another 15 tools mentioned at the end of the article.

50+ Useful DevOps Tools

...11 min

Agustin Romano put together a pretty impressive list covering over 50 tools that any DevOps can use. Handy if you want to catch-up on what's going on in that space.

Quality Is Not An Act, It Is A Habit.


Quality Is Not An Act, It Is A Habit with Kate Falanga from Code And Theory.

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Can a video game help your company's staff choose stronger passwords? Why might satellite-based internet communications be bad for security? And what are the alternatives to TikTok?.


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