CODING JAG - Issue 22

Welcome to the 22th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Can I learn software testing on my own?r

...5 min

The skills needed to be an excellent tester can be learned. How you choose to undertake that learning is a personal choice. But there’s really no need to tackle this substantial task as a solo effort.

8 Of The Best Software Testing Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

...5 min

Coz you deserve the best! Subscribe now to stay in touch with the latest software testing news and innovations happening around us every single day.

What to Consider When Testing an API

...5 min

API testing is becoming an essential part of QA for most modern applications. Here are a few tips to help get the most out of testing your API.

How Web Apps Work: Browsers, HTML, and CSS

...5 min

An overview of the concepts, terms, and data flow used in web apps: browsers, HTML, and CSS.

10 Essential GitHub Repos For Software Developers

...5 min

Amazing coding resources, free courses, interview preparation, programming best practices, and more.

Detox: Writing Stable Test Suites

...4 min

The whole premise of Detox is to have stable E2E tests, and if you, as a tester, don’t have that experience- this blog can help fix that.

Tips & Tricks for Cypress

...4 min

This is a collection of simple and recurring scenarios when writing Cypress tests, including (but not limited to) setup, assertions, actions, selectors, etc.

Three Words In Python Strings

...7 min

My automated tests contain a lot of string manipulations. In this post, I will solve a problem to distinguish three words in Python strings.

How To Generate PHPUnit Coverage Report In HTML and XML?

...9 min

A detailed guide by LambdaTest on how to generate a PHPUnit coverage report in HTML using Xdebug, PCOV, and php-code-coverage in HTML and XML format.

Using Nightwatch Global Variables To Write Tests That Work Everywhere

...9 min

Learn how to use Nightwatch.js global variables so you don't need to hardcode values in your test automation allowing them to work in multiple environments and reduce test maintenance costs.

Playing with Playwright – Java API

...9 min

The Playwright open source automation framework has released a Java API for cross-browser end-to-end testing! See how to install Playwright, create tests, and implement the Page Object Model design pattern.

Cypress vs Selenium vs Playwright vs Puppeteer speed comparison

...10 min

How does Cypress compare to Puppeteer, Playwright, WebDriverIO and Selenium, speed-wise? We ran our own benchmark to find out.

The 9 API Testing Tools to Watch Out in 2021

...8 min

Application Programming Interface testing has become a significant and crucial factor on CI/CD. Choose the right tool to make the most of it!

Product Of The Week #1: Bunnyshell

...5 min readChrome-Extension

Bunnyshell is a self-service DevOps automation platform that helps teams cut downtime and deliver reliable applications and services at high velocity.

Product Of The Week #2: Persona

...5 min

Persona offers a suite of fully-automated identity verification components with worldwide coverage that can be configured and branded to create custom-tailored flows for any use case.

Podcast: MongoDB - Mark Smith


In this episode of Test & Code, Brian Okken & Mark Smith start with the basics of MangoDB and also discuss some advanced features that you probably didn’t know about!

Video: NUnit Tutorial | Writing NUnit Tests In C# | NUnit Testing | LambdaTest

...52 min

This unit testing tutorial will help you to run your first test automation script for unit testing with C# & Selenium for the NUnit testing framework.

Podcast: Keep Track of Your Automated Tests using Delta Reporter with Juan Negrier

...29 min

In this episode, Juan Negrier, a co-founder of Delta Reporter, will discuss why he created this solution and how it can help you.

JS World Conference


JS World Conference, the Premier JavaScript Conference in the world is scheduled for 22-27 Feb 2021. Register now for a full week of content to help you level-up as a Frontend JavaScript Developer.

Webinar: Digital Transformation and Beyond, Dunelm & LambdaTest


Stuart Day - Head of Quality, Ali Warsame - Principal QE and Coach, Adam Pike - Principal Quality Engineer and Tomi Tiihonen - Principal Performance Engineer will talk about challenges they faced and innovative solutions they brought in their QA process as part of Dunelm's digital transformation.


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