CODING JAG - Issue 21

Welcome to the 21th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

CI/CD/CT - Shift-Left and Shift-Right with Automated Continuous Testing

...5 min

Continuous Testing with Shift-Left and Shift-Right Testing can dramatically increase your productivity to deliver high-quality software with faster release cycles.

Software Testing: The Road to Bugless Reality

...5 min

Software testing has become a common practice for today’s IT world. For those who have heard about software testing but have no idea where to start, we are here to share some research and facts!

Quick Recipes To Generate Test Ideas

...5 min

These quick and efficient recipes come in handy to get more test ideas when you are stuck during testing. So start using all of them in your testing and get benefited.

The Testing, Not The Testers

...5 min

Let’s continue talking about making the testing smarter and not single out that this is for testers only.

Having Testers Makes Quality Worse

...5 min

This blog is about thinking of things past, present, and future in testing. As much as I'd like to see clearly, my crystal ball is quite dim. Learning is essential, and this is my tool for that.

Getting Rid of Performance Testing Outliers With a New JMeter Plugin

...4 min readChrome-Extension

See how one new plugin, the JMeter Right Tail Outlier Detector, can make your performance testing and analysis more effective.

Using the Performance Web API with Chrome DevTools

...4 min

Now, Chrome DevTools Supports JavaScript Performance Marks Logs and Visualization.

How To Perform Localization Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

...7 min

Localization automation testing is essential for your product to gain good standing globally. Read on to learn how to do localization testing using Selenium WebDriver.

Sort Numbers With Python

...9 min

It is useful to know how sorting works in python. In this post, I will give a solution to sort an array with numbers with python.

A Beginner's Guide to Designing Page Objects - Pt.3

...9 min

In this post, we will look at how to refactor a page object in response to changes from the business.

Facade Design Pattern in Automated Testing Java Code

...9 min

Explains in detail how to implement Facade Design Pattern. Use it to follow all SOLID principles and best programming practices.

How Cypress Can Help Non-Technical Team Members Automate Tests

...10 min

Some of the most valuable test cases come from Business Analysts and Key-Users. They know exactly what the needs are, and they can identify potential bottlenecks.

CircleCI Vs. GitLab: Choosing The Right CI/CD Tool

...8 min

Both CircleCI and GitLab are equally good for streamlining your SDLC and implementing CI/CD for business agility. This article explores the Ford & the Ferrari of the CI/CD world in detail, CircleCI vs. GitLab, to help you pick the right one.

Product Of The Week #1: Cased Guard

...5 min

Cased Guard adds a layer of security to any command-line tool, bringing a level of visibility, insight, and control not previously seen.

Product Of The Week #2: Autocode

...5 min

New user notifications. Purchase alerts. Scheduled jobs. SQL queries. Create whatever you want with JavaScript and APIs.



In the episode, we share our ideas around facilitating, creating a safe space to reflect, taking actions, and mention a tool we find useful.

Video: What Is NUnit | NUnit Introduction | Selenium In C# Using NUnit | LambdaTest

...52 min

This unit testing tutorial is a Selenium WebDriver C# NUnit tutorial. It will help you run your first test automation script for unit testing example in C# Selenium, i.e., the NUnit testing framework.

Podcast: Michael Bolton - Software Testing and Automation

...29 min

In this episode, I interviewed Michael Bolton, one of my heroes in testing, someone who makes you think outside the box and is known for stirring up the great debate!

TestJS Summit


TestJS Summit is a 2-day online event for QAs and software developers to get up to date with JS testing best practices, sharpen skills and get the latest updates from top products core teams. Get a full ticket to participate in workshops and network with thousands of other JS testing folks on January 28-29, 2021.

Webinar: Digital Transformation and Beyond, Dunelm & LambdaTest


Stuart Day - Head of Quality, Ali Warsame - Principal QE and Coach and Adam Pike - Principle Quality Engineer will talk about challenges they faced and innovative solutions they brought in QA process as part of Dunelm's digital transformation which has resulted in a brand new platform and a whole host of new supporting technologies.


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