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Coding Jag - Issue 29

Welcome to the 29th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Quality is more critical than ever to product success and customer satisfaction, especially in today’s digital economy where customer experiences are influenced at every touch point—from the time we pull a phone from our pocket until we set it down for sleep. Product quality and the role of Quality Engineering have changed significantly as well. This has enabled QA experts to shift their focus from mere bug counting to a more holistic view of the SDLC.✌️

Whether you’re a QA veteran with years of experience behind you or you’re just breaking into software testing, it's high time you break into the Top Skills for Software Quality Engineering in 2021 to step up your game and ensure your work serves the business better.🛠📋

Here you go!


Thinking about quality: management paradigms and quality

5 min read j19sch.github.io

How can you sell quality? How can you convince people that quality can accelerate software delivery? What limitations or barriers do you hit?

Do Testers read research papers?

5 min read synapse-qa.com

Do testers read research papers? If yes, what type of research papers do they read? Why do they think it is important? Why doesn't someone think it is important?

What I’ve Learned Writing Tests For Someone Else’s Code

5 min read everydayunittesting.com

Is it possible to write unit tests to someone else’s code, after it was written? Even when it is not your code, and not as a pair.

Continuous testing: What every DevOps team needs to know

5 min read techbeacon.com

Continuous testing is the culmination of several radically collaborative development methods. Here's what you need to know, and how it's done.

Top Skills for Software Quality Engineering in 2021

5 min read mabl.com

There’s a lot to be excited about in the world of software quality, even in the midst of an unprecedented and unpredictable time.


15 Top Load Testing Tools for 2021 (Open Source Guide)

4 min read testguild.com

Here is a comprehensive list of the top open-source and FREE performance load testing tools you can use for your load and stress testing performance engineering efforts.

JMeter alternative: Load Testing with Locust

4 min read salvatorelab.medium.com

Learning to use a tool takes time, that’s not new. Why would JMeter be any different? Even if there is an alternative, learning to use it will also take time right? Well, maybe not!


How To Handle Login Pop-up In Selenium WebDriver Using Java?

7 min read lambdatest.com

This blog shows how to handle login pop-up in Selenium WebDriver using Java and demonstrate the same on LambdaTest platform.

Fluent Page Object Pattern in Automated Testing Java Code

9 min read automatetheplanet.com

More efficient usage and improved readability can be achieved through the incorporation of the Page Objects with Fluent API.

Functional Test Refactoring: Extract Function

9 min read zhiminzhan.medium.com

Extract a set of test steps performing a common user operation to a reusable function.

Improve your custom command logs in Cypress

9 min read filiphric.com

Let's take our custom commands one level further and enable custom logging. This will improve the experience in test runner.


10 Best Test Management Tools For Jira In 2021

10 min read theqalead.com

Looking for a test management tool that works with your Jira setup? Try one of the options on this list of the best test management tools for Jira in 2021.

7 Continuous Code Quality and Automated Code Review Tools

8 min read dzone.com

There are several tools that you can choose to seamlessly integrate into your workflow according to the compatibility with your technology stack.

4 Awesome Tools for .NET Debugging in Production

8 min read oz-code.com

.NET Debugging in Production is hard, but there are many tools out there to help you. Learn about the top tools to fix Production bugs fast.

Product Of The Week #1: ChatBot Visual Builder


A robust chatbot platform that lets you build, test and launch AI chatbots without coding and across multiple communication channels.

Product Of The Week #2: Porter


Porter is a platform that makes AWS/GCP as easy to use as Heroku. With instant deploys from Git, built-in autoscaling, and automatic SSL, Porter gives you the convenience of a PaaS while preserving flexibility and control.


Podcast: Personal Reputation and Brand - Testing Peers

46 min testingpeers.com

Episode 23 of the Testing Peers talks about reputation and brand. They cover what it is, why it matters and some tips to help you.

Video: SpecFlow Tutorial | Cross Browser Testing In SpecFlow Selenium C# Using LambdaTest

52 min youtube.com

This tutorial series covers everything from an introduction to SpecFlow to running tests parallely and locally using SpecFlow on LambdaTest - a Cross Browser Testing tool.

PODCAST: DevOps and testing

29 min soundcloud.com

This episode of Quality Sense discusses the origin of DevOps, testing and dealing with legacy code, making the necessary culture shifts to successfully implement modern software delivery practices and more!


Increasing Product Release Velocity by Debugging and Testing in Production

00 min lambdatest.com

In this webinar, Harshit Paul, Product & Growth Manager from LambdaTest and Idan Shatz, Developer Advocate at Ozcode, hitch up to show how both testing in Production and Production Debugging can truly get you to ‘DONE’ so you can move on to the next build faster to increase your overall release velocity.

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