CODING JAG - Issue 34

Welcome to the 34th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

The Essential Skills for Testing

...5 min

To help me structure my thoughts for this post, I'll be interpreting 'The Essential Skills for Testing' to be 'What skills are useful for a great tester?'

“Manual Testing”: What’s the Problem?

...5 min readChrome-Extension

I offer some positive alternatives to “manual testing” that are much less ambiguous, more precise, and more descriptive of what people might be talking about.

Here’s How Experts Are Improving Website Performance To Meet Core Web Vitals

...5 min readChrome-Extension

User experience has always been the priority for Google. In this blog, learn what are Core Web Vitals, its impact on SEO and tips from experts to help you supercharge website performance.

How to Start a Career in Software Testing?

...5 min

One of the questions that is often spotted on software testing forums is “How can I get a job as a software tester if I have no experience?” Some tips on how to achieve this goal of starting a software testing career.

Testing strategies for agile teams

...5 min

The organization should focus on enabling dev-driven testing by giving them time to do it and setting up the tools to make writing tests easy.

6 Factors to Consider when Prioritizing Bug Fixes

...5 min

There are always bugs to fix, but how do you decide which bugs to fix first. Here are 6 factors you should consider, and then use Ozcode to customize your decision process.

Simple Solution to Embarrassing Collapses of Census Website due to Poor Load Testing

...4 min

The sad truth is that a good load testing solution can be so simple and cost so little.

4 Software QA Metrics To Enhance Dev Quality and Speed

...4 min

In this article, we discuss how the demand for software is higher than ever. Lines of code govern almost everything we do in our day-to-day activities.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust a Test that Never Fails

...7 min

Rooting through a test flake can be an arduous and frustrating experience. But, what about a test that never fails?

How to perform Mouse Actions in Selenium WebDriver

...9 min

Mouse actions in Selenium WebDriver lets you perform mouse-related operations on the WebElements present in the DOM. Read our blog to learn how you can leverage the mouse action class in Selenium.

Testing links with Cypress

...9 min

I often see a testing case when someone needs to test a navigation bar on a page, to make sure that all the links are actually functioning. Let’s go through these and see how you can apply them with Cypress.

Make your C# Automated Tests More Clear with xUnit Assertions

...9 min

What makes an automated test more clear? By automated test, I understand any test that automates a test case so the test can be for the UI, for an API or anything else.

I Need a Tool. Now

...10 min

Selecting the right test automation tools takes time, a few weeks at least to do it properly. Wrong test automation tools can result in a significant amount of wasted time and resources.

Trends and Tools of Javascript in 2021

...8 min

Let’s look at how Javascript fits into different areas of development, popular frameworks, trends, new features and tooling.

Product Of The Week #1: Devbook

...5 min

Devbook is a search engine for developers that helps them to find the resources they need and answer their questions faster. Fast, accessible right from a code editor, and fully controllable with just a keyboard.

Product Of The Week #2: Pretrained AI

...5 min

Configure and deploy your own private, hosted API endpoints to process text, images, and other data using state-of-the-art machine learning in a few clicks. Chain together one or more models to efficiently process and extract insights from your data.



In this episode, we are talking about their experiences of leading upwards and allowing our teams to lead us.

Video: Jenkins Tutorial For Beginners | Part 2 | How To Install And Configure Jenkins

...52 min

Wondering how to install Jenkins? This video will help you with just that. This video is a part of Jenkins Tutorial for Beginners. This video shows how to install Jenkins using a WAR file.

PODCAST: PyMars? Yes! FLoC? No!

...29 min

PythonBytes welcomes Peter D. Kazarinoff into their podcast to discuss everything about PyMars and FLoC. If you are on the edge about these two, you must tune right in.

Fundamentals of Locators & XPath In Selenium


In this upcoming webinar, Harshit Paul will hitch up with Sanjay Kumar, Inventor and creator of Selectors Hub, to educate you on various fundamentals around Xpath and Locators in Selenium.

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