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Coding Jag - Issue 33

Welcome to the 33rd edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Brandan Eich created JavaScript in an effort to reduce the complexity of developer programming- as a ‘glue language’, if you will. It was made to be fun and easy to use, making it a natural choice for developing web pages or building software. But if you are looking to create a stable and maintainable test framework, then JavaScript is clearly not the right choice.

Don’t agree with the statement above? This edition will tell you why JavaScript is not suitable for web test automation & much more!


Testing Testing 123 Stories

5 min read anelaborationofcarbon.wordpress.com

Wading through having been a solo tester for 6 months and trying to find direction for my career in the din and the dark, Testing Stories was a beautiful beacon just at the time I needed it.

Is talking about “scaling” human testing missing the point?🤔

5 min read therockertester.wordpress.com

Attempting to assess product quality by asking humans to manually interact with every feature just doesn’t scale. When it comes to testing, there is one clean answer: automation.

The 4 Benefits of Tests

5 min read llewellynfalco.blogspot.com

I’ve found that when I'm creating tests, they provide 4 categories of benefits. Having these categories helps me to see how to write better tests and helps me see what to improve when I am feeling a particular pain.

For Production Debugging You Need Radical Observability

5 min read oz-code.com

The three pillars of observability are not good enough for production debugging. For a code-level root cause analysis you need radical observability.

The dynamics of quadrants models

5 min read visible-quality.blogspot.com

If you sat through a set of business management classes, chances are you've heard your teacher joke about quadrants being *the* model.


Complete Guide To Lazy Load Images For Better Website Performance

4 min read lambdatest.com

If you want to conserve bandwidth on your website and get a faster loading website, Lazy Load images JavaScript is the way to go. This blog explains how to lazy load images using three different methods.

Performance Testing at MongoDB

4 min read alexanderpodelko.com

MongoDB shared a lot of information on how we do performance testing and even open sourced some parts of it.


Getting Started With Nose In Python [Tutorial]

7 min read lambdatest.com

In this Python Nose tutorial, we deep-dive into the Nose framework, a test automation framework that extends unittest and further leverage Nose to perform Selenium test automation.

Why JavaScript Is Not a Suitable Language for Real Web Test Automation?

9 min read zhiminzhan.medium.com

JavaScript is OK for developing apps, but not for functional test automation, where its audience extends beyond programmers. Ruby is a far better choice.

Why should automation be done by the dev team?

9 min read cucumber.io

In this post, I address one of the questions that I didn't get a chance to answer at the Automation Guild Conference 2021 : Why should automation be done by the dev team?

The Trick to Get Going With Test Automation At Work

9 min read dev-tester.com

Introducing test automation at work isn't as simple as mentioning it and hoping to get a positive response. You need to lead the way to get others on board.


The Top Seven Tools for Exploratory Testing (+ FREE bonus tool)

10 min read medium.com

Paid exploratory testing tools offer more in-depth knowledge, but the free ones come with valuable functionalities. So, how can you choose the right tool to conduct exploratory testing for your software application?

Testing API calls in Insomnia

8 min read h.daily-dev-tips.com

If you're looking for an API testing tool with a graphical interface, you may want to check out Chris Bongers’ getting-started guide to Insomnia.

Product Of The Week #1: LT Browser


LT Browser is the perfect tool for designers, developers, and enthusiastic amateurs who want to create great-looking & well-performing responsive websites or web apps. Instantly View, Build, and Debug your website on 45+ mobile, tablet, & desktop viewports.

Product Of The Week #2: Clerk


Clerk adds secure authentication and user management to your React or Next.js app,🔒 Essential security features like 2 factor auth and device management,📈 Conversion-optimized Sign Up and Sign In forms,🎨 Built-in theming and open APIs for easy customization.


Podcast: QA to QE with Lagan Khare

46 min testguild.com

In this episode Lagan Khare, a Manager of Quality Engineering with more than 13 years of experience, shares her insights into QE and integrated automated testing into DevOps and Agile.

Video: Cross Browser Testing In MSTest Framework Using Selenium C#

52 min youtube.com

In this video, Execute Automation​ has explained how to perform Cross Browser testing using MSTest on the LambdaTest platform.

PODCAST: Dealing With The Unexpected

29 min testingpeers.com

The Testing Peers podcast looks at how unexpected or anti-climactic events in our lives apply to us in the workplace.


Fundamentals of Locators & XPath In Selenium

00 min lambdatest.com

In this upcoming webinar, Harshit Paul will hitch up with Sanjay Kumar, Inventor and creator of Selectors Hub, to educate you on various fundamentals around Xpath and Locators in Selenium.

Meme: Find this in my gallery.😢


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