CODING JAG - Issue 37

Welcome to the 37th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

“A Beginner’s Guide to Software Testing!” [Part — 2]

...5 min

Every tester wants to better their techniques for testing and grow into an experienced tester. However, software testing is deeper than it looks on the surface. This blog covers the agile process and its terminologies that are an essential part of software development.

10 Crucial Facts about APIs every QA Software Tester Should Know

...5 min

If you are a software tester the thumb rule would be to know the functionality of the software before testing it. Which means you need to have basic knowledge of how servers, apps, browsers communicate through API. Here are the 10 vital facts about API’s you need to know.

25 GitHub Repos you can't miss to bookmark

...5 min readChrome-Extension

We all know Github is not just a version control service. It’s a lot more than that! It’s a platform where developers contribute to the community. Here are the 25 ultimate resources that you cannot miss out.

The do’s and don’ts of integration testing

...5 min

Integration tests are usually done to verify your applications reliability, performance and to assess if they are functioning as expected to a user. To ensure that your application doesn’t fall flat a well designed integration test can be invaluable. Read these 14 do’s and don'ts and maximise your returns on testing!

When Software Bugs Are Literally Fatal

...5 min

Why is it so hard to write a bug free code? Well there isn’t any silver bullet to this problem but the solution is more of an obvious one. Read the blog as Doug Foo shares some great facts on dev teams, processes and quality that can be your silver bullet in the long run.

Complete Guide To Lazy Load Images For Better Website Performance

...4 min

Lazy load images is an excellent concept for improving website performance. In this blog Harish has discussed three methods for lazy loading, the hard way, the mediocre one and the ease one! Which one will you choose?

3 Ways to Prevent a Mis-Performance Meltdown

...4 min

Is your team delivering not so optimal results? Well the first thing to check here is if there are efforts that are getting misplaced. Read the blog to understand the roots causes of mis-performance and how you can rectify it!

Your 80 Questions about Playwright, Answered

...7 min

Here’s the 80 QnA from the Applitool webinar on Playwright that was hosted recently. Due to a lack of time to answer live, Microsoft has managed to document and answer them all. Check it out!

Deconstruction of the Cucumber JUnit Runner Behavior

...9 min

BDD when done effectively can help companies create a competitive edge as a collaboration between technical and business teams gets seamless. In this blog understand how Cucumber Junit Runner works and facilitates the tests.

Use Selenium wait for page to load with Python [Tutorial]

...9 min

Read the blog to understand different types of wait in Selenium Webdriver, learn how to implement them with Python and also deep dive into other types of Selenium waits in Python.

Appium Parallel Tests on Multiple Emulators [2021 Update]

...9 min readChrome-Extension

This article explains how to set up and run your Appium Tests on multiple virtual devices on mac operating systems. There is a guide for Windows operating systems too!

API testing with Cypress and NodeJs

...9 min

Learn how using Cypress and NodeJs you can perform API tests as Bruna takes you through this well-written guide to get started with API testing.

Introducing Angular DevTools

...10 min

This is amazing! A more enhanced Google Chrome Extension that understands your debugging pain points and makes it easier for you to debug your applications.

Top 3 Backend Developer Productivity Tools That You Should Check Out

...8 min readChrome-Extension

In this article, Jerry listed down his top 3 tools that can save your time as a backend developer and enhance your productivity.

Product Of The Week #1: 2.0

...5 min readChrome-Extension

What is the estimated timeline for this project? Everyone expects an answer for that! is your secret weapon to solve this problem. Built for project and account managers working in outsourcing companies to create accurate project estimates.

Product Of The Week #2: alphachat

...5 min

AlphaChat is a Conversational AI platform. It makes customer service more efficient and customers happy. Anyone can build their own Intelligent Virtual Assistant (i.e. a smart AI chatbot) and set it up for customer support automation in less than an hour.

Podcast: Formulation Document Examples with Gáspár Nagy & Seb Rose


In this episode, Seb Rose and Gaspar Nagy, authors of the new book Formulation: Document examples with Given/When/Then, explain how all stakeholders need to be involved in creating a product's specification.

Video: XUnit Tutorial | Part 2 | How To Set Up XUnit With Visual Studio

...52 min

This video is the next part of the LambdaTest XUnit Tutorial for Beginners. In this video, Anton Angelov has explained how to set up with Visual Studio along with how to write and run your first xUnit test.

PODCAST: Playwright for Python- end to end testing of web apps

...29 min

In this episode, Rayan Howard from How QA shares his suggestions for leveraging Playwright for end to end testing using Python.

Meme: Debugging is cool


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