CODING JAG - Issue 41

Welcome to the 41th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Leadership In Test: Execution

...5 min

An expert’s guide to executing a testing project. Reporting, coverage erosion, incident management, and navigating the final stage.

Failed Interviews are More Useful for Your Career than Successful Ones

...5 min

For the short term, successful interviews are good. But in the long term, they are not helping you much. Why not? Because any successful interview does not make you learn anything new about yourself.

How Much Testing is Enough?

...5 min

No matter what the application, the question of how much testing is sufficient can be hard to answer in definitive terms. A lot depends on the type of software, its purpose, and its target audience.

10 years of Software Testing and Automation

...5 min

This long post is a trip down memory lane where I call out some of my key personal and technical learnings, experiences, challenges, and career highlights.

It’s never too late to add unit tests to legacy code

...5 min

Whenever you are editing code, clean it up by adding unit tests. Here are four ways to do that with minimal effort.

5 Habits for Highly Effective .NET Debugging

...5 min

Effective .NET debugging is not an art, it's a science and it can be learned by acquiring these 5 habits in software development.

Performance Engineering Management: A Quick Guide

...4 min

This short writing covers a holistic view, including non-functional requirements with high-level details, but the focus will mainly be on performance.

An End-to-End Guide to Load Testing

...4 min

From planning to analysis and reporting, here’s what to know before running your first load test.

How To Build CI/CD Pipeline With TeamCity For Selenium Test Automation

...7 min

In this blog, we look at the concepts of TeamCity and how to perform Selenium test automation by integrating test suites with LambdaTest cloud-based Selenium grid.

Drive Chrome with Extensions using Selenium WebDriver

...9 min

Launch Chrome browser with extensions in Selenium WebDriver scripts.

Are Automated Test Retries Good or Bad?

...9 min

Since testers typically rerun failed tests as part of their investigation, why not configure automated tests to rerun failed tests automatically?

API Automation with Groovy and Spock

...9 min

API automation can be a tricky part of software testing. There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to automating APIs.

Why are you writing Selenium automated tests in Javascript?

...9 min

Before reading more, think for a few minutes about how you would answer this question in an interview.

30 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions For 2021

...10 min

A curated list of the most useful Chrome extensions crafted and tested for developers and designers. Check out the list and unleash your productivity by multiple folds.

Cypress vs Other Test Runners

...8 min

How Cypress works under the hood and how its architecture compares to other test runners.

Product Of The Week #1: Softr 2.0

...5 min

Softr is the easiest and fastest way to build powerful web apps and portals from Airtable in minutes. With Softr, you can build client portals, internal tools, marketplaces, online communities, resource directories, and websites.

Product Of The Week #2: Unfreeze

...5 min

Less typing, more coding. Tired of those screenshots of code you can't paste into your IDE? Unfreeze is a simple macOS application that performs OCR on code snippet images. - Requirements: macOS Big Sur 11.0+

Podcast: TestOps with Oren Rubin and Maor Frankel


In this episode, Oren Rubin, founder of, and Maor Frankel, a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, share how to scale testing using TestOps principles. Discover how to leverage control, management, and insights to unjumble your automation’s growing complexity.

Video: xUnit Tutorial | Part 4 | Parametrized Tests In xUnit Selenium C#

...52 min

This video is the next part of our xUnit.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners. In this video, Anton Angelov explained how to write parameterized tests in xUnit Selenium C#.

PODCAST: Why We Automate

...29 min

This week Testing Peers talk about why we automate but we start with what automation is and its value.

Testing Voices 2021 | EuroSTAR Huddle


Testing Voices is about the conversations worth having. Taking on the tough conversations in software testing with voices from the community.

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