CODING JAG - Issue 42

Welcome to the 42th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Leadership In Test: Testing As A Team

...5 min

The role of the tester in a project team is changing. Here’s how to foster better collaboration with your colleagues both in the office and remotely.

DevOps Meets Observability

...5 min

Without feedback, there’s no way of knowing whether a change worked or when a particular system encounters problems.

Testing, Quality, & My Inability to Teach

...5 min

Quality is relative; quality is in a constant flow, quality is highly subjective, quality is everywhere and nowhere, quality can’t be predicted, quality cannot be put in numbers.

The 12 types of software developer, how to work with each type effectively

...5 min

Work to developers' strengths and watch out for their weaknesses, or they will destroy your code and project.

Coaching Testers vs. Developers

...5 min

Great developers are also open to learning more about testing, but the word ‘enthusiastic’ doesn’t spring to mind.

What Every CTO Needs To Know About Live Debugging

...5 min

Live debugging supports one of a CTO's most important roles; using technology to generate value for the company and drive the business.

JMeter- Performance and Load Testing: Beginner’s Guide | Part I

...4 min

JMeter can discover the maximum number of concurrent users that your website can handle and provides a variety of graphical analyses of performance reports.

Getting Started with Performance Testing in CI/CD Using k6

...4 min

This post will showcase how to use k6 for performance testing within CI/CD pipelines.

The Complete Guide to Testing React Native App Using Cypress

...7 min

This blog post will explain how to run end-to-end tests against the web form of the React Native application using test runner.

Automated Cross Browser Testing With Jasmine Framework & Selenium

...9 min

With the help of this Selenium Jasmine tutorial, you will learn how to set up the Jasmine framework with Selenium and how to run your test cases.

Optimize Selenium WebDriver Automated Test Scripts: Maintainability

...9 min

Working automated test scripts is only the first test step to successful test automation. Some simple techniques to make maintaining automated test steps easier.

Automation Testing on Microservices

...9 min

As testers, let's look at what this microservice architecture is about and how it can impact the quality of the system.

Test Automation Career Path

...9 min

A guide on how to level automation engineers and SDETs, as well as concrete criteria to aim for when pursuing the next level.

MySQL – All you need to know

...10 min

In this blog post, we will be explaining everything you need to know about MySQL. You can treat this as a complete tutorial too and refer to it whenever and wherever you want.

33 GitHub projects I have bookmarked and you should

...8 min

Plenty of designers love to invest energy on GitHub investigating the venture, learning a ton of stuff constantly, making associations with different engineers, and adding to the open-source projects.

Product Of The Week #1: LT Browser

...5 min

LT Browser is best suited for building, testing & debugging mobile websites. Test website on different pre-installed and/or custom mobile device viewports & enjoy features like Inbuilt DevTools, hot reloading, Lighthouse reports & much more for free! As a pleasant surprise, the core features of this already fantastic tool are FREE now.

Product Of The Week #2: Retool, Self-Hosted

...5 min

This low code app builder combines the ease of drag-and-drop visual components with APIs, logic, and escape hatches so developers can custom code whatever they need. Now with self-serve plans that you can deploy on your own private network.

Podcast: API Testing using Postman with Kristin Jackvony


In many ways, API testing is faster and far superior to automated UI Testing. Find out why In this episode of the Testing Guild podcast.

Video: Agile Without Dedicated QA - James Shore

...52 min

This video discusses the technical underpinnings of Agile and how they lead to true business agility.

PODCAST: Communities of Practice

...29 min

The Testing Peers get together to discuss Communities of Practice, including what the name is, what it means, as well as what other names we feel this falls under.

ICCCBS 2021 - International Conference on Critical Computer-Based Systems


ICCCBS 2021 aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Critical Computer-Based Systems.

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