CODING JAG - Issue 44

Welcome to the 44th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

API Testing using Jest and SuperTest

...5 min

We are big advocates of using the right tool within the right context. In this blog post, we will show how you can integrate SuperTest with Jest to test your APIs.

Test Automation – my definition

...5 min

In our humble opinion good test automation is providing Protection of value, Documentation, Change detection, and a Safety net.

Who should do software testing? Dev or Test?

...5 min

Who should do software testing? Dev or Test? The answer is both. However, the cheese has moved. Move with it.

Boss vs Leader: 10 Behaviour Differences

...5 min

If you are a boss it's easy to assume you are automatically a leader. However, not everyone who is a boss is a leader. This article explores 10 key differences between a boss and a leader. You'll learn how to develop coaching skills to level up your leadership.

How a Live Debugger Affects Your Business

...5 min

The ability of a live debugger to help you fix Production bugs more quickly can have a profound effect on your business. Learn how.

The Quality Maturity Model

...5 min

We created the model to help teams measure how they are doing with behaviors that support creating quality applications. The project has been a big success, so decided to share some details about it with the world!

We Increased our Lighthouse Score by 17 Points by Making Our Images Larger

...4 min

This is a specific story about a counter-intuitive quirk we found when using certain images sizes on our website along with Google Maps and Lighthouse scores.

Improve Cypress Testing Efficiency with Parameterization

...4 min

Have you ever written a series of tests that were so similar, you wanted to join them together rather than run them separately?

Selenium VB.NET NUnit Test Automating Angular, React, VueJS and 20 More

...7 min

Showing how to create a data-driven automated test using Selenium WebDriver automating 20+ major web technologies- Angular, React and more.

How To Build An Automated Testing Pipeline With CircleCI & Selenium Grid

...9 min

CircleCI integrates well with popular version control systems like GitHub, GitLab, etc. It also provides an easy-to-use interface and supports multiple libraries, thereby making it easier to adopt.

Test Automation and Continuous Testing Competition Week

...9 min

A Practical and Fun Way to Create a Successful Test Automation and Continuous Testing Formula in Your Company.

Why are you writing Selenium automated tests in Javascript?

...9 min

Why are you using Javascript for writing Selenium tests? Before clicking the link above, think for a few minutes how you would answer this question in an interview.

Conway’s Law for Test Automation?

...9 min

As software test automation becomes more and more like a software development project – it is hypothesized that Conway’s law indeed predicts the shape of the (test) automation solution.

Complete Introduction to Redux

...10 min

In this blog, you'll learn the fundamentals of Redux stores, actions, reducers, and middleware to manage data throughout your application.

Why Gherkin (Cucumber, SpecFlow,…) Always Failed with UI Test Automation?

...8 min

Real functional test automation is far more than a fancy demo. If you truly believe Gherkin automation tests are the way to go, please do it well, don’t ruin the reputation of test automation.

Product Of The Week #1: Glide 2.0

...5 min

Build an app from a Google Sheet in five minutes, for free. Start with a template, customize it for your needs, and share it with anyone. Make changes as easily as editing a document.

Product Of The Week #2: lemlist 3.0

...5 min

lemlist allows you to create warm relationships with your target from day 1 thanks to ultra-personalization, multichannel campaigns and the best deliverability of the market.

Podcast: Next Generation Mobile Testing (with Eran Kinsbruner from Perfecto)


Jonathon Wright is joined by Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto. Listen to learn more about the next generation mobile testing.

Video: Test Automation In JavaScript Tutorial | Part 5 | Parallel Testing with Mocha

...52 min

In the next part of our Selenium Test Automation In JavaScript Tutorial for beginners, Ryan Howard has explained how we can run our tests in parallel using Mocha.

Podcast: Python, pandas, and Twitter Analytics

...29 min

Matt Harrison had a great idea: Why not use your own Twitter analytics data? So, he did that with his own data, and shares what he learned in this episode, including some of his secrets to gaining followers.

Webinar : Scalable and Reliable Cross Browser Testing With Cypress Framework


In this webinar you will learn why the Cypress automation framework is gaining wider adoption with the automation testing fraternity.

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