CODING JAG - Issue 45

Welcome to the 45th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

6 Ways to Grow Your Testing Career in 2021

...5 min

Last year was hard in more ways than one. Amidst the pandemic, lockdowns, and changing global political climate, we are still forced into a survival mode of sorts.

Should You Use Contract Testing?

...5 min

Notes and experiences in test engineering, automation and distributed systems.

The Role of a Quality Coach

...5 min

Some context- for eight months we’ve worked with software development teams in the role of senior quality coach. We work in agile teams, without ever using the word agile.

What is a culture of quality in DevOps?

...5 min

Slow processes continue to inhibit DevOps, but a culture of quality enabled by test automation unlocks better ways to build software.

Why Is Continuous Integration Important For Testing?

...5 min

Without continuous integration, you're not making the most out of your test automation strategy. Learn why it's important to implement CI in your projects.

Remote Debugging for Azure Functions Can Be a Breeze

...5 min

Serverless architectures are gaining traction in the software industry, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them rise on a similar curve that we have seen with microservices. But the ephemeral nature of these short-lived units of execution makes it very difficult to debug them.

A Developer’s Guide to Performance Testing

...4 min

Types of performance testing and how to use them!

How to Build Performance Tests To Validate Your APIs Using Gatling

...4 min

A Definitive guide to load test design and implementation.

Selenium C# xUnit Test Automating Angular, React, VueJS, and 20 More

...7 min

Showing how to create a data-driven automated test using Selenium WebDriver automating 20+ major web technologies- Angular, React, and more.

Draw on a Canvas using Selenium WebDriver

...9 min

Show step by step on how to use Selenium WebDriver Advanced User Interactions API to draw and manoeuvre objects on a Canvas in a web page

4 Tips for Automation Engineers Interested in Site Reliability Engineering

...9 min

While testing and test automation roles have a lot in common with SRE roles, there are some key areas that differ.

CI/CD pipelines are software artefacts

...9 min

Our main point is to think of the build pipeline as a software artifact in its own right. So you should do as many of the normal software development things with it as are helpful for you.

11 Reasons Why Developers Should Use LT Browser

...8 min

The LT Browser is a dev-friendly tool for web development. Check out the 11 reasons why the LT Browser is a boon for every developer.

Gatling and the test data generator pattern

...10 min

This defines our load tests, controls how many requests per second and where we send the data. However, the data is now fed from the test-data-generator project, the advantage being that all of that code is now kept separate and keeps the amount of Scala code to a minimum.

Product Of The Week #1: Wized

...5 min

A powerful and easy to use extension for your Webflow projects. Build login functionality, integrate data from Airtable and REST APIs, build custom payment flows with Stripe, and so much more.

Product Of The Week #2: Framer for Developers

...5 min

Framer is a tool built for interactive design. Backed by React, technical users can extend anything through code.

Podcast: Karate DSL: Performance from Zero to Hero with Artem Bondar


In this episode, Artem Bondar, author of the online course Karate DSL: API Automation and Performance from Zero to Hero, shares how to leverage your existing Karate scripts for performance testing, load testing using Gatling, and much more.

Video: xUnit Tutorial | Part 6 | Cross Browser Testing Using xUnit

...52 min

This video is the next part of our xUnit.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners. In this video, Anton Angelov has explained in-depth about how to perform cross browser testing using xUnit.

Podcast: Interview tests for Testers

...29 min

This week we talk about interview tests for Testers. We will also take a trip down memory lane and revisit how we passed or struggled to pass our driving tests.

Video: Shift Left Testing-The Right Way

...29 min

What are the current challenges in Software development and testing? What is shift left testing? What are the key enablers for shift left testing to be effective? What are the key benefits when one chooses to shift left? Find all the answers!

Webinar : Scalable and Reliable Cross Browser Testing With Cypress Framework


In this webinar you will learn why the Cypress automation framework is gaining wider adoption with the automation testing fraternity.

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