CODING JAG - Issue 46

Welcome to the 46th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Mobile Application Testing | Challenges and Solutions

...5 min

With the phenomenal rise of Mobile Applications in the past few years, most of the businesses have included them at some stage of their process. This increasing popularity has made it mandatory for organisations to put extra stress on Mobile Application Testing.

Not enough time to test? Here’s why

...5 min

If you are in software testing, you may realize that one of the best complaints from testers is that “I don’t have enough time to test”.

Becoming a Developer Chapter Lead — What I’ve Learned in 90 Days

...5 min

What is a Developer Chapter Lead? What is a Chapter? What the Heck are you Talking About!?

“Finding bugs in an organisation”; why I’m frustrated with the tester role recently

...5 min

As long as IT leaders don’t support testers in shifting testing left and as long as they don’t utilise the power of letting a group of people with the required capabilities build software, one thing at a time, the power of shifting testing left is largely lost.

10 Lessons When Moving from Waterfall to Agile

...5 min

Like so many other companies, you might also be seeking to replace your traditional waterfall processes with agile in a quest to shorten the time-to-market and deliver high quality applications.

Fixing DevOps with Time-Travel Live Debugging for .NET

...5 min

If you include Live Debugging in Production in your DevOps pipeline, then your DevOps is broken. Learn why and learn how to fix it

Leadership In Test: Managing Performance Testing

...4 min

How to design and manage effective performance testing from start to finish. Performance testing is a key component of service testing.

How to do performance testing using the k6 tool? Prepare and implement like an absolute pro

...4 min

When working on the development of the application, the primary focus goes to implementing new functionalities to meet your customers’ expectations. Under the pressure of deadlines or other factors, people tend to forget about non-functional aspects, such as security, or efficiency.

How To Read Config Files In Python Using Selenium [With Example]

...7 min

When working with Selenium WebDriver, we need to follow the best practices to make the most out of the Selenium automation framework. In this tutorial, we deep dive into how to read config files in Python using Selenium.

Is Your Test Automation on Track? Maintenance is the key

...9 min

Automated test scripts require ongoing care and maintenance. Unmaintainable or hard-to-maintain automated test scripts are vain.

Using SuperTest to test API’s

...9 min

This blog will walk you through how you can build a test harness in SuperTest for testing this API.

Does your Test Automation code smell? Here’s how you can launder it!

...9 min

Many times, your test automation code is a mess. It has reached a point where you no longer know where anything is anymore.

Which Automation Tool is the Best: Selenium Web Driver| Cypress | WebdriverIO | TestCafe | Playwright

...8 min

The idea of the article is to show you different automation tools that can be used for setting up the automation framework for functional E2E tests.

Custom tooling for the test stack management

...10 min

This is the third in a series of blog posts in which we outline our multiple years’ experience with our Android app testing at Azimo.

Product Of The Week #1: SaaS Blocks for Tailwind

...5 min

SaaS Blocks UI kit enables founders, designers & developers to create the perfect SaaS website. Flexible, responsive templates to accommodate your content. Just copy and paste and you're set.

Product Of The Week #2: JetBrains Qodana

...5 min

Qodana is a code quality monitoring platform that allows you to evaluate the integrity of code you own, contract, or purchase. Enrich your CI/CD pipelines with all the smart features you love from JetBrains IDEs, plus project-level checks.

Podcast: The Testing Show: Insurance Testing


Does the idea of wearing a device that can monitor your movement, heart rate, and blood pressure to lower your health insurance premiums (or raise them in some cases) intrigue you or scare you?

Video: Cypress Testing Tutorial | Part 1 | Getting Started With Cypress

...52 min

This Cypress Testing Tutorial video is a part of our Cypress Testing Tutorial For Beginners. In this video, Chris DeSilva has explained what Cypress is, and how to get started with Cypress testing.

Podcast: How Did QA Miss This?

...29 min

In this episode we talk about a phrase and scenario which fills us all with dread and frustration – “How Did QA miss this?”.

Video: Secrets to Mobile Application Testing and Internet of Thing Testing

...29 min

The key Idea is to share my core experience, information,skills and technical expertise with reference to Native,Hybrid,Web Apps and IOT along with the latest trends,tips and tricks.

Event: International Conference on Security Testing and Risk Assessment


International Conference on Security Testing and Risk Assessment aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Security Testing and Risk Assessment.

Meme: Prove your skills. Hold my beer..


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