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Coding Jag - Issue 5

Welcome to the 5th edition of Coding Jag by LambdaTest!

Ever wondered what life would be like without automation? Wait. Let us rephrase that. Ever wondered what life would be like when automation takes over? Now that is something to think about, right?

We have grown so much from the old tune of "Testing is dead!" to a newer one "artificial intelligence will test everything!" This edition talks about the stereotypes that exist around testing as a career and goes on to realize the impact of artificial intelligence in the near future. Will automation replace your testing skills?

Lina Zubyte's insightful overturn about testing is the crux of this edition. Is testing really just a 'monkey job'? Why do we often come across 'anyone can do testing' tendency? All the answers are right here, time to give it a read!

Why senior engineers get nothing done

5 min read swizec.com

You start a new job and it's amazing. Code all day, clear objectives, easy guidelines, ship a bunch of features be a hero. Then something happens and suddenly you get nothing done.

What is the Concept-Resolution in Software Testing?

5 min read medium.com

What does the ever-increasing automation mean to manual software testers? Well, it doesn't have to be that bad! Kevin Dunne shares some really useful tips on how to adapt and mitigate the risk of becoming redundant.

Write Tests That Fail

5 min read ranorex.com

High-quality projects need to deliberately practice failing tests in order to help ensure that successful tests succeed properly. It may sound controversial or counter-intuitive, but in this article Cameron Laird will show you how this idea embodies basic principles of test-driven development (TDD) in four distinct ways.

Defining Your Definition of Done

5 min read testwithnishi.com

The success of your team and the release depends on everyone getting their individual parts done in time. But how do you define being “done”? What indicates a finished task and differentiates it from a half-baked one?

6 things that will make your adoption of BDD easier

4 min read specflow.org

So here is my reframed list: things that make your BDD adoption easier, things that you should watch out for if you are currently in this change process.

Saving internal data in a file with Python

7 min read thetestingpirate.be

You have some key value pairs in your python code. Saving internal data in a file is easy with Python and the collections.abc module.

Automation will not replace your testing skills

9 min read qualitybits.tech

Bits and bytes on the matters of quality in tech by Lina Zubyte. I care about empathetic leadership, inclusion, and high-quality products.

4 Ways to Handle Test Data for Your End-to-End Tests

9 min read dev-tester.com

One of the trickiest parts of automating end-to-end tests is how to handle testing data. Here are a few strategies to tackle this issue.

CircleCI vs Travis CI: Comparing The Best CI/CD Tools

10 min read lambdatest.com

When it comes to choosing the best CI/CD tools, Circle CI & Travis CI are amongst the top choices. This blog analyzes how similar or different CircleCI and Travis CI are from each other. And you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing one between the two.

Create TestNG Project In Eclipse and Run Selenium Test Script

8 min read dzone.com

TestNG is an integral part of automation and this article explains everything there is to know about creating your first TestNG project in Eclipse. A step-by-step guide for running your first Selenium TestNG Script.

Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests with Anton Angelov

32 min testguild.com

Discover how to achieve high-quality test automation that brings value. One key is to understand core programming concepts such as SOLID and the usage of design patterns.

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