CODING JAG - Issue 6

Welcome to the 6th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Why Should I Waste Time Writing Automated Tests?

...5 min

Developers are notorious for not writing tests for their code, often mentioning a lack of time. But they don't realize testing makes you faster, not slower.

Software Tester’s soft skills

...5 min

Software Tester is a profession in the IT industry about which until recently there were legends about how easy it is to get to the fabulous IT area. I think this stereotype is slowly fading away.

6 Concepts to Master Codeless Automation

...5 min

Some days it seems impossible to get everything done. As time goes by hectic days become normal. Racing through tasks and grinding through the daily routines without missing a beat becomes a challenge.

5 Steps to Successful Testing in DevOps

...5 min

If you move to DevOps, testing requires a lot more communication and collaboration. Follow these steps and you’ll be on the right track.

Performance Optimization Considerations for an Enterprise Application

...4 min

Performance is the most important concern when designing applications. There are so many applications built around the same business domain. The clear winner would be the application that performs at the best and has excellent responsiveness and usability.

Why Python Is My Favourite For Test Automation?

...7 min

When it comes to Selenium test automation, Python automation testing is our goto choice. In this blog, we explain why automation testing using Python is simply the best.

7 Proven Methods to Increase Your Automation Code Quality

...9 min

In this article we will review 7 code quality principles to keep in mind while coding in order to make sure our automation project is successful.

Parallelizing Test Automation? Read This First.

...9 min

Parallel Testing is a lot of work, but if you approach it responsibly, the work is worth the gain in throughput. Here's what to know before you begin.

“Best Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial For Beginners [Examples]

...10 min

This Jenkins pipeline tutorial will help you create your first Jenkins pipeline and run Selenium automation in Jenkins through an online Selenium Grid.

Create 30+ Tools List for GitOps

...8 min

To help you get started on your GitOps journey, here is a list of over 30 tools that we recommend if you want to incorporate GitOps.

Podcast Episode 12 - No more tears - Enough is Enough - Testing Peers

...32 minChrome-Extension

This time the Peers are using a Donna Summer reference for all you music fans to discuss when is enough testing enough. The question that drives many a test discussion be it with a stakeholder or amongst testers, when is enough testing enough?


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