CODING JAG - Issue 13

Welcome to the 13th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?

...5 min

The usual trade-off between cost and quality, one that we are used to for most decisions in our life, does not make sense with the internal quality of software.

Programming Languages Aspiring Technical Testers Need to Learn

...5 min

Transitioning into becoming a more technical tester is easier if you start from the top of the list with HTML and work your way down. The more basics of programming languages you know, the better you can investigate complex applications underneath the hood.

What Exploratory Testing Is Depends on Who You Are

...5 min

All of us do exploratory testing with different experiences. Instead of thinking of Exploratory Testing as one thing, it varies based on who we are today, as we are doing it.

Speed Up Test Creation and Reduce Maintenance

...5 min

Save time creating and maintaining tests with the help of re-usable data tables and flows, and by focusing on the most important elements in your test.

Software Testing Is Quality Engineering

...5 min

Software Quality Engineering, simply put, is applying the practices of Quality Engineering, as a discipline, to the development and creation of software. It is part of a defined quality program focused on how software is made.

3 Amazing REACT HOOKS to Keep Your Code Organized Neatly

...7 min

Here are the three React Hooks most useful for producing websites in the cleanest, simplest way possible. They manage localStorage, sessionStorage, authentication, and asynchronous tasks.

Step by Step Guide for Performance Testing With Gatling

...4 min

Gatling is a quite famous and powerful open-source tool for performance/load testing and provides integration with CI/CD tools like Jenkins.

Using SPECFLOW How To Keep Your Pipelines Healthy With A Gherkin First Approach

...4 min readChrome-Extension

Solve your always failing pipeline with Gherkin first approach, because your scenarios are still a work in progress.

Selenium 4 With Python: All You Need To Know

...7 min

Selenium 4 is driving a lot of curiosity as it follows a different architecture compared to its predecessor. In this blog, we will see how to work with Python in Selenium 4.

Python API test automation framework (Part 1) Introduction, Setup and Installation

...9 min

The post is gonna dive deep into most of the aspects on how to approach building API automation frameworks at your workplace using python.

10 Testing Scenarios You Should Never Automate With Selenium

...9 min

While there are plenty of scenarios where test automation makes sense, some test scenarios should never be automated through the browser using a tool such as Selenium WebDriver.

8 Cypress Plugins You Should Know

...10 min

There are tons of Cypress plugins. Learn about 8 plugins that you can install easily via npm and use within your tests.

15 Useful VS Code Extensions for a Better Workflow

...8 min

Extensions that add functional benefits and visual flair to your development workspace. These extensions make the VS Code one of the most popular and easy to use text editors among the community.

6 Productivity Tools that all Developers Should Try

...8 min readChrome-Extension

The development process can be quite challenging and requires numerous tools that can assist the solution architects and developers.

Podcast: Accelerate Test Coverage Using TestRigor with Paul Grossman & Artem Golubev


In this episode, Paul Grossman, an SDET at Utopia solutions, and Artem Golubev, Co-founder at testRigor, share a tool that allows you to easily create automation using a behavior-driven plain English approach to writing tests.

Podcast: How To Test Data Science Models (with Laveena Ramchandani, Senior Test Consultant)

...47 min

Jonathon chats with Senior Test Consultant Laveena Ramchandani about data science, big data, and finding opportunities to learn from your peers.

Video: Selenium Framework Using Java | 5 Step Process To Create Selenium Framework from Scratch | Part 1

...29 min readChrome-Extension

With the help of this video, you can learn about Selenium Framework using Java. Moreover, you will see how to create custom Selenium Framework from scratch with 5 easy steps.



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