CODING JAG - Issue 14

Welcome to the 14th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

How Microsoft does automated testing. An interview with Klaus Hemstitch.

...5 min

Site maps are a very important aspect of SEO optimization. Google and other search engines can use a sitemap to figure out where all your pages are and how they link together. In this tutorial, we will be creating an automated site map with Node.JS and Express.An exclusive interview with a Senior Software Engineer from Microsoft: find out how Microsoft tackles the difficult mission of building scalable and useful automated tests.

GitHub repositories to improve your programming skills

...5 min

Presenting a power-packed list of GitHub repositories guaranteed to boost up your coding skills.

The Last Straw – The Project That Convinced Me To Resign

...5 min

Once upon a time there was a project, on which I was the test manager, which prompted me to take the drastic career change I had been mulling over for a year or so.

101 Tips to Make You a Better Developer

...5 min

Being in the world of programming comes with a lot of challenges and opportunities for developers lik.. Tagged with webdev, productivity, career, beginners.

Getting started with the Open API Specification

...5 min

The second time we found it, the bug was expensive to fix. Could we have prevented that regression? Can we create regression tests for our designs?

Whose Quality Is It Anyway?

...7 min

Most organizations do not have a clear picture of what quality means to the various stakeholders in and outside the organization. A clear vision of what quality means to an organization is key and being specific about it is even more important.

The Hidden Power of InjectionToken Factory Functions in Angular

...4 min

Let’s talk about a feature which Angular provides, that isn’t particularly well known or used by many developers.

Improving Your Testing Skills

...4 min

Let’s go over the most important skills you want to add to your resume and to your testing portfolio!

Improving Productivity With Automation

...7 min

Automation is a powerful tool to improve business and individual productivity, which becomes more efficient every year. How do you do that?

NUnit Tutorial: Parameterized Tests With Examples

...9 min

In this guide, we will showcase NUnit parameterized test cases along with the commonly used attributes like the TestFixture NUnit attribute. Implement NUnit parameterization like never before!

Check For Empty Lists In Python

...9 min

Do you use lists in your code? Do you check for empty lists in your code? Find out how to check for empty lists in your Python code.

Puppeteer vs Selenium vs Playwright, A Speed Comparison

...10 min

Which one executes faster? Puppeteer, Playwright, WebDriverIO or Selenium? We ran our own benchmark to find out.

10 Best Big Data Analytics Tools For Reporting In 2020

...8 min

Big data tools help organizations arrange, sort, and analyze big data to gain actionable insights. Here's the best options for big data analytics tools for 2020.

My Lessons Learned After a Jira and XRAY Migration

...8 min readChrome-Extension

Sharing some lessons and some tips with you on how you can ensure your tool or process setup/rollout is successful too, specifically for Jira and XRAY!

Podcast: Why You Need to do API Performance Testing with Patrick Poulin


It's almost 2021. Are you still not doing API Automation? Did you know that API performance testing is also critical for delivering reliable APIs to your customers?.

Podcast: Shifting Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle - Nalin Parbhu

...47 min

Talking about the software evolution towards more test automation and the creation of Infuse and useMango. We talk about software development and `left shift` where automated tests and quality checks have moved earlier into the software lifecycle.

Podcast: 5 Best and 5 Worst things about Software Testing

...29 min

Do you work in software development? Do you have strong ideas about what testing means? Do you ever crave a list of what people enjoy or don't enjoy about testing? You're in the right place then.



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