CODING JAG - Issue 20

Welcome to the 20th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

What I wish I knew when I started testing: Expectations vs Reality

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As time passed, my understanding of quality and 'good enough' has changed. Now I don't only focus on bugs, but mainly on the value that can be provided to the stakeholders.

What Happens When You Use Agile for the Wrong Reasons?

...5 min

Problems can occur if companies forget that agile is just a methodology—a means to achieve a goal—not the goal itself.

What is creative QA and how does it help improve product quality?

...5 min

Have you ever seen an end product that you designed for, look and behave differently to what is built?

Using Domain-Specific Language For Security Testing

...5 min

Can DSLs make security testing easier to do and thereby more widely practiced? Tune into this virtual talk delivered by Pandy Knight.

The Five Books that Changed my Life as a Software Engineer

...5 min

As a software developer, the obvious answer for my top five books would be technical chronicles, but actually I have found these haven't had much of an impact on me at all.

Servers Performance Monitoring in JMeter

...4 min

In this blog article, we are going to focus on Servers Performance Monitoring in JMeter.

You Can’t Fix Quality Just By Catching Bugs

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We have not defined Quality and yet it is at the heart of the matter. Interestingly most Quality or Test professionals when asked to define it, often balk at it as it is a rabbit hole. Why is that?

Upload A File To A Remote ssh Server With Java

...7 min

How can I upload a file to a remote ssh server with java? It is very easy. The java library sshj is a library that can do that for you.

How To Get Page Source In Selenium Using Python?

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Ever wondered how to get the page source in an automated fashion? In this blog, we explore how to make Selenium WebDriver get page source.

Save Time and Money With Automated End-to-End Testing

...9 min

As more organizations look to test automation, learn different ways how it can save you lots of time and money in the long run.

Selenium Java Interview Questions And Answers – Part 23

...9 min

A collection of the most important questions and answers for your next interview about Selenium testing.

Tools to Improve Your Golang Code Quality

...10 min readChrome-Extension

In this article, we intend to put forward a few code quality tools you should consider to help you write simple, yet fast go code in no time.

Are These the Most Interesting Front-end Developer Tools for 2021?

...8 min

Here’s a big superficial roundup of 60 most-clicked tools of 2020 — and potentially the most interesting choices for 2021.

Product Of The Week #1: Divjoy 2.0

...5 min

Cased Guard adds a layer of security to any command-line tool, bringing a level of visibility, insight, and control not previously seen.

Product Of The Week #2: WickedBlocks

...5 min

New user notifications. Purchase alerts. Scheduled jobs. SQL queries. Create whatever you want with JavaScript and APIs.

Podcast: Next Gen Enterprise Automation Testing with Parasar Saha


In this episode, Parasar Saha, an enterprise automation architect, will share some ways to reduce repetitive and error-prone tasks at the enterprise level.

Video: Automate Notion with Python

...52 min

Learn how to Automate Notion- a super-clean and deceptively minimalist note-taking app.

Podcast: How to keep testers motivated (My ATD talk)

...29 min

The high motivation of those working with us is a key factor for success. Success for the company, for the different teams and success for the people working with us.



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