CODING JAG - Issue 31

Welcome to the 31th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

Is There Such Thing as “Untestable Code”?

...5 min

The idea of “untestable code” comes up often when you start implementing any test automation methods, especially unit testing.

The Conflated Exploratory Testing

...5 min

Ideas and experiences on software testing, software development, conference speaking and organizing.

Five QA Trends To Keep When We Get Back To The 'New Normal'

...5 min readChrome-Extension

None of us chose to go through this, but for most of us, this last year was a professional learning experience full of evolutions and revolutions to the way we work, with some lessons to carry over!

Dynamic Logs: A New Paradigm for Production Debugging with Logs

...5 min

Debugging with logs is usually a tedious and ineffective process. Ozcode Production Debugger dynamic logging makes logs effective again.

So you want to become a Test Automation Engineer?

...5 min

Just like any profession, a SDET is a combination of skills. Most SDETs are self-taught. All you have to do is have the motivation to learn!

Getting Started with Goose

...4 min

Recently I stumbled upon a new load testing tool called Goose. Immediately I took it up for a spin and this blog post helps you to get started with Goose in IntelliJ IDEA.

Using GPU to Improve JavaScript Performance

...4 min

When it comes to web applications, developers mainly make these improvements in code. But have you ever thought of combining the power of GPU into your web applications to boost performance?

HTTP Fundamentals in Automated Testing

...7 min

Explore some fundamental concepts and technologies that every QA professional needs to master if he/she truly desires to understand “what is going on under the hood”.

How To Execute JavaScript In Selenium PHP?

...9 min

This blog explains how to execute JavaScript in Selenium using the executeScript and executeAsyncScript methods.

Why Do Most UI Test Automation Fail? (Part 1: Wrong Automation Framework)

...9 min

The management chose the wrong framework. They should select Selenium WebDriver for web apps, and Appium for Mobile and Desktop apps.

An introduction to @testing-library: Part 2

...9 min

After exploring the benefits of using the Testing Library as well as some of its features in the first part, it's about time we started writing some tests!

Cucumber: Automation Framework or Collaboration Tool?

...9 min

When people talk about BDD, most of the time they are not truly aware of what it is. Get a better understanding of what BDD is, the ways in which Cucumber supports BDD processes, and if Cucumber is the right testing tool for you to use.

5 super under-rated free tools/resources I use almost every day. (As a Frontend developer)

...10 min

Listing out 5 tools/resources that I use almost every day as a frontend developer and UI designer- the most underrated ones.

Open Source Test Management Tools

...8 min

Test management is achieved also by the integration with requirements management tools, functional software testing tools, continuous integration tools, bug tracking tools and project management tools.

Product Of The Week #1: Supabase UI

...5 min

Supabase UI is a collection of UI components built in React and TailwindCSS that is used by Supabase to build our internal applications.

Product Of The Week #2: Datature

...5 min

Datature is the fastest way to build your own computer vision models. Manage datasets, annotate, train, and deploy - we get ALL teams and companies on the right pipeline from day one!

Podcast: Attracting Great Testers


The Testing Peers are back with another episode about how companies can attract the best talent to their testing roles.

Video: How To Run Parallel Tests In Selenium PyTest Using pytest-xdist Plugin

...52 min

This video is a part of PyTest Tutorial, and in this video, Carlos Kidman has explained how to write Parallel Tests using PyTest with respect to Web automation with LambdaTest and PyTest.

PODCAST: I don't test my code, 'crappy Python' is all I write

...29 min

Brian Okken welcomes Corey Quinn in the latest episode of Test & Code to discuss why he doesn't test his code. Why does he call everything he writes- “crappy Python”??

Increasing Product Release Velocity by Debugging and Testing in Production


In this webinar, Harshit Paul, Product & Growth Manager from LambdaTest, and Idan Shatz, Developer Advocate at Ozcode, hitch up to show how both testing in Production and Production Debugging can truly get you to ‘DONE’ so you can move on to the next build faster to increase your overall release velocity.

Meme: Easier than submitting a bug report😂


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