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Coding Jag - Issue 32

Welcome to the 32nd edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!👐

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As a leader, you must always keep the goal of “ One Team, One Dream” in hindsight. If you are not chasing that dream, your team is likely to fall into the never ending chase of ‘Another Day, Another Dollar’.

Take charge today & make it worth their while with this edition! 📩


Journey of a Tester to a Super Tester🦸

5 min read prashant-kumar.medium.com

AI/ML can help us test faster and more efficiently, something on the lines of upgrading a normal man to an Iron man!

Thinking about quality: so what to do?🤔

5 min read j19sch.github.io

How can you sell quality? How can you convince people that quality can accelerate software delivery? What limitations or barriers do you hit?

“One Team One Dream”💭 vs “Another Day Another Dollar”💰

5 min read zhiminzhan.medium.com

The reality of IT team morale is often far from IT executives’ slogans. The most effective way to reduce the gap: Continuous Testing.

Software Testing Is Evolving, Here’s How

5 min read qatoddy.medium.com

With developers gaining confidence and knowledge, eventually, we’ll see the segregation between the ‘develop’ and ‘test’ steps shift towards; plan, develop, release.

22 Useful JavaScript One-Liners That You Should Know

5 min read levelup.gitconnected.com

There are over 10 million Javascript developers around the world and the numbers are increasing every day. But how many of them are aware of these one-liners?


How to Optimize Customer Experience Using Testing

4 min read stickyminds.com

It is time to test the customer experience. If you test customer experience, you are likely to find out how customers behave at every step of their journey and what steps they never get to.

Using Cypress and Google Lighthouse for Performance Testing

4 min read applitools.com

When I stumbled upon a Cypress plugin which lets you run Lighthouse audits directly from your Cypress tests, I had to share this knowledge.


Why Do Most UI Test Automation Fail? (Part 2: Wrong Choice of Test Syntax Framework)

7 min read zhiminzhan.medium.com

Chose the wrong Gherkin BDD frameworks. Should have used simple RSpec or xUnit (spec style).

.contains() - an overlooked gem in Cypress

9 min read filiphric.com

.contains() is one of my favorite commands in Cypress. Although the name of this command sounds like an assertion, it is actually a selecting command.

Handling Multiple Browser Windows And Tabs In Selenium

9 min read lambdatest.com

Learn how to use Selenium PHP automation as an alternative to window handling in Selenium when you must work with multiple windows, tabs & pop-ups. This article explains handling windows in Selenium with PHP.

Coding Katas for Automation in Web Testing

9 min read thatsabug.com

Practice makes it perfect. Time to apply the old saying to improve our skills in automation for testing website interfaces.


Introduction To Kubernetes

10 min read dzone.com

An orchestration tool takes care of provisioning and deployment, allocation of resources, load balancing, and many other important aspects of any system.

Selenium or Selenide?

8 min read medium.com

I want to introduce you to Test Automation in TBC Bank, specifically about how we are supporting TBC products with test automation, what frameworks are we using and why?

Product Of The Week #1: Sourcery


Sourcery instantly reviews your Python code and refactors it, making it cleaner and more readable. It’s like having a pair programmer always working next to you. Install into PyCharm, VS Code, or your GitHub repos in 1 minute. It's free!

Product Of The Week #2: NoCodeZ


NoCodeZ AI converts your business story into an app. You write a business story. You can detail what you see in the app and how the app should work. Our AI converts your story into web, IOS and Android apps with complete infrastructure. It’s quick and easy.


Podcast: Leading agile transformation at Blackboard

46 min soundcloud.com

Listen to this fascinating conversation about how Ashley Hunsberger- Director of DevOps Engineering at Blackboard, managed to evolve her career and all of her eye-opening, real world insights on leadership that apply for anyone.

Video: Increasing Product Release Velocity by Debugging and Testing in Production

52 min youtube.com

Watch this webinar go down about Increasing Product Release Velocity by Debugging and Testing in Production between Ozcode & LambdaTest.

PODCAST: Using Your Environment Data for a Better Testing Outcome with Wayne Ariola

29 min testguild.com

In this episode, Wayne Ariola shares his suggestions for leveraging an open-testing platform. Discover some ways to rethink your software testing life cycle with an eye towards more comprehensive automation with Joe Colantonio.



00 min sqadays.com

The 28th International Conference «Software Quality Assurance Days» will be held on April 16-17, 2021 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The conference will cover a wide range of professional issues related to quality assurance.

Meme: I'm a software developer.😂


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