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LambdaTest You Presents - The BDR Edit


Ruehan Hamid

The Expert, The Subject & The Beginning:

BDRs get the ball rolling, get the leads and take networking to the next phase. It's the hustle, the bustle of a fast paced start-up that keeps our brains wired. Having been in the SaaS Industry for the last 7-8 years, it makes me somewhat of a “Pro-League” outbound function nerd. BDRs act like detectives, finding potential customers who would benefit from their company's offerings. They work with cross-functional teams to create strategies and use tools to identify the right companies and decision-makers to target. Skilled in building relationships and with effective communication, BDRs play a crucial role in generating revenue and growth for their company. BDRs have learnt it all!

Leading a BDR function at LambdaTest will always remain special for me whenever I’ll look back at my career. In my previous organizations, I was working in silo but when I Joined LambaTest there was hustle, failures, wins, disagreements, peer-to-peer growth, cross-collaboration and constantly innovating to ensure we succeed! With this, I felt ever more connected with LambdaTest.

The Primary BDR

I was Patient Zero, the very first BDR, initiating and perfecting the team. Collaborating tirelessly with the Sales Ops team and our Co-founder, Jay Singh, we worked to get things up and running. Working with a founding team is a unique opportunity, offering a vast learning curve and a range of emotions as you build a unique and innovative product. We discovered what worked and what didn't, what would resonate with the team, and intrigue clients. It was a thrilling experience, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Experimentation. Excitement. Failure. Success. Bonds. Goals Achieved.

  • The Pandemic: The first thing was what tools we will use to start engaging with different companies as we were deep into the pandemic and people were working remotely. We had to figure out a way to effectively reach folks
  • Setting up the Processes: It was very important for us to use the right tools which will help us to target the right companies and people and this was not possible without people like Amit and Suraj
  • Identification: Initially, we kept it simple, finding companies, identifying the right people and targeting them via Linkedin, cold calls and emails (we went old school!)
  • The Product Dance: Initially, we didn't try to sell, we set our targets to engage with more prospects and tell them about LambdaTest, this got us eyeballs from the right clientele
  • Global Reach: We kept our prospects global and the markets open - The US, EU, and APAC - the team reached out to many prospects, just give a demo of the products
  • The Up Scale: After 3 months we were pretty sorted, the process was working for us and we segregated the team for different regions. My team and I work for the EU, and others work for the US and APAC. Eventually we scaled up the BDR team every quarter

The BDR Growth & Up Scale

After a lot of strategizing and factual data, we've decided how big the team should be, and how many regions and SPOCs we should target.

The revenue generated from our function is a great validation in terms of output! Here’s a little insight:

  • We have now successfully onboarded BDRs who are diligently getting us new business every month
  • Our team is proud of its significant revenue contribution and growth year after year
  • We have landed great brands as clients which include a popular travel review platform, a prestigious academic publisher, a credit reporting agency, a clothing retailer, and more

And more!

This would not have been possible without a very earnest BDR team. Our people are the foundation of LambdaTest, the ones who grow with us, and the ones who make up the bigger LambdaTest family!

The BDR Framework


The People of LambdaTest

We set out to get more meetings with potential customers, and we accomplished that in great numbers and quality. We reviewed the processes, trained the team, enhanced their knowledge, and made sure they had access to best-in-class materials. It wouldn't be possible without our BDR team to get most of our customers from the best leads. With an ever-growing number of big logos from worldwide recognition, this team is now self-sufficient.

At the moment we have two BDR functions one is New Buisness which is getting us new business and another is Existing Business which focuses on retaining business from existing organizations/ accounts. All of our people are zealous about upskilling. We also have the Data team helping our BDRs with target data - like what markets to target, target group bifurcations, etc. In addition, the marketing team runs ads for us or helps us with materials like Case Studies, Presentations, Newsletters, etc., that we use when talking to prospects.

My USP, My Superpower

LambdaTest has given me a lot of opportunities in terms of my personal growth and the things that I have learnt. I have achieved more here in just a short span of time than other opportunities I was presented with in the past.

  • Persistence is very important in this function. If I feel like there is an opportunity up for grabs, I persist till a demo has been given!
  • Follow-ups with prospects is key and for that CRM was my best friend, I used it very effectively
  • Learn from experience - I was not the first employee of LambdaTest there were more experienced people, like Misbah, Somesh and Saif, already going through all this hustle every day. I didn’t shy away from reaching out to them and discussing my challenges and learnings on a regular basis
  • At LambdaTest you have to be very innovative in your approach. Spending dedicated 6-7 hours daily to achieve the results is only a part of the hustle
  • Platform Knowledge - The key to success is knowing your platform well and how it stands out against the competition. That's how you can deliver the value proposition and stay ahead of the curve

A Hub For Innovation

Personally, I feel LambdaTest as an organization is one of the best places to work right now in terms of your personal growth. On a daily basis we are faced with new challenges, especially when your products are unique in the market. I'd recommend taking advantage of your time here at LambdaTest, you have access to anyone across departments, and we pride ourselves on being overly communicative, so you can find out what's going on in different departments. It’s very important to upgrade yourself daily and gaining product knowledge is of the utmost importance to talk to prospects and understand their requirements.


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