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Table Sort And Search

This would be your first example to start with Selenium

Table Sort And Search Demo

Below example shows you the use of sorting data and filter data based on search text.

Name Position Office Age Start date Salary
T. Nixon System Architect Edinburgh 61 Mon 25th Apr 11 $320,800/y
G. Winters Accountant Tokyo 63 Mon 25th Jul 11 $170,750/y
A. Cox Junior Technical Author San Francisco 66 Mon 12th Jan 09 $86,000/y
C. Kelly Senior Javascript Developer Edinburgh 22 Thu 29th Mar 12 $433,060/y
A. Satou Accountant Tokyo 33 Fri 28th Nov 08 $162,700/y
B. Williamson Integration Specialist New York 61 Sun 2nd Dec 12 $372,000/y
H. Chandler Sales Assistant San Francisco 59 Mon 6th Aug 12 $137,500/y
R. Davidson Integration Specialist Tokyo 55 Thu 14th Oct 10 $327,900/y
C. Hurst Javascript Developer San Francisco 39 Tue 15th Sep 09 $205,500/y
S. Frost Software Engineer Edinburgh 23 Sat 13th Dec 08 $103,600/y
J. Gaines Office Manager London 30 Fri 19th Dec 08 $90,560/y
Q. Flynn Support Lead Edinburgh 22 Sun 3rd Mar 13 $342,000/y
C. Marshall Regional Director San Francisco 36 Thu 16th Oct 08 $470,600/y
H. Kennedy Senior Marketing Designer London 43 Tue 18th Dec 12 $313,500/y
T. Fitzpatrick Regional Director London 19 Wed 17th Mar 10 $385,750/y
M. Silva Marketing Designer London 66 Tue 27th Nov 12 $198,500/y
P. Byrd Chief Financial Officer (CFO) New York 64 Wed 9th Jun 10 $725,000/y
G. Little Systems Administrator New York 59 Fri 10th Apr 09 $237,500/y
B. Greer Software Engineer London 41 Sat 13th Oct 12 $132,000/y
D. Rios Personnel Lead Edinburgh 35 Wed 26th Sep 12 $217,500/y
J. Caldwell Development Lead New York 30 Sat 3rd Sep 11 $345,000/y
Y. Berry Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) New York 40 Thu 25th Jun 09 $675,000/y
C. Vance Pre-Sales Support New York 21 Mon 12th Dec 11 $106,450/y
D. Wilder Sales Assistant Sidney 23 Mon 20th Sep 10 $85,600/y
A. Ramos Chief Executive Officer (CEO) London 47 Fri 9th Oct 09 $1,200,000/y
G. Joyce Developer Edinburgh 42 Wed 22nd Dec 10 $92,575/y
J. Chang Regional Director Singapore 28 Sun 14th Nov 10 $357,650/y
B. Wagner Software Engineer San Francisco 28 Tue 7th Jun 11 $206,850/y
F. Green Chief Operating Officer (COO) San Francisco 48 Thu 11th Mar 10 $850,000/y
S. Itou Regional Marketing Tokyo 20 Sun 14th Aug 11 $163,000/y
M. House Integration Specialist Sidney 37 Thu 2nd Jun 11 $95,400/y
S. Burks Developer London 53 Thu 22nd Oct 09 $114,500/y
Kyle P. Fleming Tester Singapore 33 Mon 12nd Sep 08 $112,300/y
Frances Q. Steele Developer London 53 Thu 22nd Oct 09 $114,500/y