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What are a code review and its benefits?

Once software developers finish coding websites, peers or senior developers examine those codes to identify common bugs and optimize codes faster before they merge with the main branch. DevOps cycles include code reviews since they help guarantee that code is as clean as feasible from the beginning of the development pipeline.

There are several benefits of code review, such as:

  • Code reviews assist junior developers in learning from more experienced team members.
  • By including code review earlier in the software development lifecycle, developers can work on fixes while learning new things. Developers frequently find it challenging to recall code, solutions, and logic when they wait until the end of the lifecycle to perform a review. A low-cost, effective method of achieving business and customer value is static analysis.
  • Code reviews increase security, mainly when security experts conduct a focused evaluation. Software development must consider application security and code reviews can assist in finding security flaws and guarantee compliance.
  • Code reviews are a crucial part of ensuring that you deliver high-quality code and products. Code quality concerns that automated tests might miss can be found by a human who is familiar with your code base.

Best practices for code reviews

Here are four best practices you should follow during code reviews:

  • Pair programming: Here, two developers work together in real-time, one writing code (the driver) and the other reviewing code (the navigator). Pairing sessions are common among development teams because teammates work together to find the most effective solution to a problem.
  • Over-the-shoulder review method: In this method, two developers (the author) and reviewers collaborate in person or remotely via a shared screen, with the author explaining the completed change proposal and providing justification for the chosen solutions.
  • Tool assisted method: In this method, reviews can aggregate modified files and display the differences, or they can make it easier to provide input and have conversations via comments, and they can combine things like Static Application Security Testing (SAST) to help find and address vulnerabilities.
  • Email pass-around method: This method is used for minor problems and a small portion of the code. These can be carried out through email or source code management systems. During an email pass-around, an author sends an email to reviewers containing code modifications.

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