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Explain the Diamond problem in Java

When it comes to inheritance, the diamond problem is a prevalent issue in Java. A common feature of object-oriented programming languages like C++, Java, etc., is inheritance. There are various inheritance patterns, including hybrid, single, multiple, and multi-level inheritances. Multiple inheritances, where one class can inherit properties from numerous classes, is something that Java does not permit. It is referred to as the diamond problem.

The diamond problem can be solved by using default methods and interfaces. With the help of these two concepts, multiple inheritances are possible. The abstract method and the default method are comparable. The only difference is that it is defined inside the interfaces with the default implementation. You don't need to override these procedures since they have already begun to use these interfaces.

Interfaces have the benefit of allowing identical default methods with the same name and signature to existing in two separate interfaces. It allows us to implement these two interfaces from a class. The interface name must explicitly replace the default methods.


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