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How Does Automation Testing Change The Role Of QA?

By implementing automation testing, the QA department's responsibility for manual testing is replaced by writing and maintaining automated test scripts. Designing test scenarios, developing test cases, and running them through automated testing tools are all responsibilities for quality assurance (QA).

QA now has to have a more technical understanding of the testing frameworks and tools used in the automated testing process due to the deployment of automated tests. QA must be knowledgeable in computer languages and scripting to create and manage automated test scripts to create and manage automated test scripts. It also encourages communication between QA and developers, which aids in the earlier detection of errors in software. Developers are responsible for addressing bugs found during testing, whereas QA is responsible for writing and running automated test scripts. This close cooperation can raise the software's overall quality.

To consistently improve the automated testing process, QA must collaborate with developers and other stakeholders, concentrate on higher-value jobs, and have increased technical knowledge of testing tools and frameworks.


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