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How long does it take for Selenium to load?

The time Selenium takes to load depends on several factors, such as

  • The size of the Selenium WebDriver library and the browser driver you are using.
  • The speed of your Internet connection, as the WebDriver library needs to be downloaded before it can be used.
  • The performance of your computer.
  • The time it takes to launch the browser and navigate to the webpage you are testing.

Selenium should generally load very rapidly, usually in a few seconds. However, it might take longer if you are using Selenium on a slower computer or Internet connection. Depending on the complexity of the tests and the functionality of the website you are testing, it may take more time to automate browser interactions once Selenium has loaded.

It's worth noting that Selenium is only one step in the test automation process; you must also create your test scripts that instruct Selenium on what actions to take while browsing the website.


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