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How To Call JavaScript Function in HTML?

You must use JavaScript to construct an event that calls a Java function when a specific action occurs on the page if you want to invoke a Java function from HTML. There are various methods for calling JavaScript functions in HTML.

You can call JavaScript functions using an external JavaScript file attached to your HTML document. To begin, you must first create a JavaScript file in which we must define our function and save it with the (.Js) extension.

After the JavaScript file has been written, you must build a straightforward HTML document. To include our JavaScript file in the HTML document, you must use the script tag with the following syntax:

<script type = "text/javascript" src = "function.js">

We must also specify the location of our JavaScript file in the "src" attribute. We can build a button and call the function with it by associating the "onclick" element with the external JavaScript file after attaching it to the HTML content.

Another approach is a function will be created and defined in the head section of the HTML content. Create a straightforward button with the onclick event attribute (an event handler) in the HTML document to call the method when the button is clicked.


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