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What are the benefits of automation testing?

The benefits of automation testing are as follows:

  • Better Shift-left Testing: Shift-left testing involves incorporating the testing phase early from the requirement gathering phase to find errors early in the software development lifecycle. The key benefit of using automation testing is that it can be performed as soon as the product development phase starts, allowing you to detect bugs or errors early in the process and helping you shift left better and faster.
  • Easy Regression Testing: Regression testing manually takes a lot of time and involves issues such as creating congestion in the release cycle, unsure of how the tests are being performed, and more. Therefore, automating regression testing is the way to go. As automation tests can be run anytime, the time window to run the regression testing suite can be extended anytime.
  • Parallel Testing On Multiple Platforms: As multiple types and versions of browsers are available in the market, cross-browser compatibility testing involves creating countless test cases. Also, manually testing all these test cases over thousands of browser + OS combinations may delay the product release process.

    Cloud testing platforms like LambdaTest offer an Online Selenium Grid to help you simultaneously execute automated cross-browser testing on more than 3000+ real browsers. To learn about automation testing benefits, you can check out our blog on parallel testing in Selenium with TestNG.

  • Better Smoke Testing: To avoid outages, performing smoke testing frequently can be a good practice. To save testers bandwidth, automating your smoke tests is essential. Automating your smoke testing would let you test easily, identify defects in the early development stage, improve system quality, reduce integration risks, and more.
  • Low Costs: Another benefit of automation testing is that the test scripts can be reused once they're written. With manual monitoring of the test cases, it becomes easy to execute the test scripts repeatedly.

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