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What is Cucumber in Selenium?

Cucumber is a tool for writing and executing acceptance tests. It is designed to allow developers to define the expected behavior of a software application in a simple, human-readable language, and then use automation tools to execute those tests. One of the tools that can be used with Cucumber is Selenium, which is an open-source tool for automating web browsers.

When using Cucumber in combination with Selenium, developers can create automated acceptance tests for web applications. These tests can be written in a simple, easy-to-understand language using Cucumber's Given-When-Then syntax, and then executed using Selenium to automate the actions in a web browser online. This allows developers to test the functionality of their web application in an automated, repeatable manner.

By integrating Cucumber and Selenium into a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, developers can automatically run acceptance tests as part of their development process. This helps to ensure that any changes to the codebase do not break existing functionality, and helps to deliver high-quality software to users.

Conclusively, Cucumber and Selenium are powerful tools for testing web applications. By using Cucumber to define the expected behavior of a web application in a simple, human-readable language, and Selenium to automate the execution of those tests, developers can create robust and maintainable acceptance tests that can be run automatically as part of their CI/CD pipeline

Learn more about using Cucumber and Selenium together, check out the complete tutorial on Cucumber Selenium.


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