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What is the difference between Chromium vs. Chrome?

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers globally, with around 65.52% of the market share. While Chrome is the supreme leader of all browsers, Chromium is a free and open-source browser developed by Google. Its codebase lies the foundation for every browser.

Both Chrome and Chromium are designed on the same framework. The main difference is the special features that Google offers to Chrome. For example, the login capability for a Google account at the web browser level. On the other hand, Chromium is a lightweight and clean browser with fewer features.

Now you have a basic gist of what is Chromium and what is a Chrome browser; let’s dive into the difference between Chromium and Chrome browsers.

FeaturesOffers features like built-in support for different technologies, update mechanisms, and DRM (digital rights management) elements for copyrighted content.Doesn’t offer any extra features.
StabilityMore stable than Chromium.More susceptible to crashes as compared to the common versions of Chrome.
PrivacyGathers information and automatically sends it to Google.Doesn’t gather and transfer large information.
SecurityProvides the same security mechanisms since it is built on Chromium. All the security patches are automatically updated on the Chrome browser.Has the same level of security as Chrome. However, one needs to download security patches manually to update them.
License supportFree under terms of use. Offers support for licensed media codes like MP3, H.264, and AAC.Offers support for common free codecs like Opus, Theora, WAV, VP9, etc

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