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What is UI Testing?

User interface testing, also known as UI acceptance testing, is a testing in which we determine whether the user interface (UI) for a web application functions well or contains any flaws that impair user behavior and do not adhere to the published specifications. Here are some techniques for UI testing:

Here is some point to keep in mind to find out the maximum number of bugs in the website:

  • Exploratory testing: In exploratory testing, no prior planning is necessary; the tester simply generates tests based on experience and a variety of other factors, such as the outcomes of earlier tests. These specifications may vary from one job to the next.
  • Scripted Testing: Scripted testing is the opposite of exploratory testing. Scripted testing is carried out when the test cases and the scripts have been selected. In scripted testing, the tester creates the scripts that identify the tester’s inputs and the desired results.
  • User Experience Testing: In user experience testing generated projects will be given to the end users to utilize, and from the feedback, developers and testers make changes accordingly.

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