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What's the biggest mistake organizations make when seeking cybersecurity talent?

Hiring the right talent is crucial for any organization, although a candidate passionate about cybersecurity can resolve major problems. However, there are some mistakes organizations should avoid while hiring cybersecurity talent:

  • Getting too hung up on degrees is a common mistake when it comes to cybersecurity recruiting.
  • Many great candidates have so much to offer yet are at risk of being eliminated simply for not having the requisite college degree. Discovering that other skills like experience, trustworthiness, and innovation are more important.
  • It’s important to focus on applicants willing to learn and develop. Cybersecurity issues change and evolve, so skills like creative problem-solving, thinking on one’s feet, and having a hacker’s mindset can be invaluable.
  • Instead of honing in too much on particular skills during recruitment, it’s often better to provide intensive on-the-job training after you hire.
  • Alongside recruits, it’s vital to grow the skills of your existing cybersecurity team.

Finding the perfect cybersecurity recruit is not always easy, so it’s a good idea to invest in specialized cybersecurity training for new hires.

Cybersecurity is a broad area and includes multiple skills. While hiring, it’s possible to come across plenty of people who might not be the right fit but could become just that after training. As cyber-crimes rise, the most prepared organizations are the ones who are developing their employees for the threats of tomorrow. Implement new training opportunities and build upon existing professional development initiatives. Ensure that you include these upskilling opportunities as part of your cybersecurity recruitment strategy.


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