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Why does DevOps recommend shift-left testing principles?

Organizations and enterprises leverage DevOps to adapt to evolving market dynamics and customer requirements. However, testing is a significant challenge when implementing a successful DevOps framework.

Organizations using DevOps frameworks still test their applications manually. It results in a lack of visibility, repetitive efforts, project delays, and cost overruns. Therefore, organizations and enterprises need to adopt shift left testing and test automation to overcome these challenges to test faster and more efficiently.

According to the report, a bug identified during the testing phase right before production can cost 15 times. This is more expensive than in the design phase.

With the help of Shift left testing principles, QA engineers can discover and fix the bugs early before they jump into production. Shift left testing is a cost-effective approach and saves time. Since bugs are unearthed earlier, developers don’t need to change their old test scripts and workflows.


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