Create Issue Tasks Directly In Asana From LamdbaTest

LambdaTest + Asana Integration

Single Click Bug Logging To Asana From LambdaTest

Why Integrate LambdaTest and Asana

Push Issues from LambdaTest to Asana

Now you can create tasks in your Asana instance directly from LamdbaTest, just by the push of a button. And you can do that right from the middle of a LamdbaTest test session !!

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Integrated Platform For Effortless Management

Instantly create new tasks in Asana from LambdaTest itself. You can choose all details like Asana project, assignee, summary etc. LambdaTest automatically include testing environment information as well as add testing screenshots and videos as attachments.

LambdaTest Integrations

Other Integrations You Can Try

  • Custom Integration?

    Need support for integration with a custom solution? Just leave us a message here, and we would help you out.

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